Imlie 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode opens with Aditya and Imlie finding the ring. Malini is annoyed to see them. Aditya and Imlie both remove the ring, and Rupy states that they love one another equally. Aditya says hope everyone understands it. Dulari congratulates Imlie. She claims that now Mu Dikhai ritual is going to take place and it will finally be Suhaag Raat. Malini is jealous. Anu believes Dulari is very cunning.

Imlie washes her ring in the kitchen, and Malini tells Malini to give it back to her. Aparna will receive the ring back, she says. Imlie claims it’s mine, which I received in the ritual. You don’t have to be concerned, I’ll keep the ring safe. Malini fights with her and tries grabbing the ring. Aditya grabs the ring and it falls to the ground. Imlie makes excuses to Malini that he wants to adjust it’s size. He asks Imlie to wear the ring, and he says that it is perfect. He then leaves. Malini is warned by Imlie to stop her actions, as Aditya only loves her. He cannot be with Malini. Aditya doesn’t want Aditya disrespect Malini for her wrongdoing. It is for Malini’s benefit. Malini claims Aditya is my friend, and he will soon start to love me. Just like Imlie took Aditya from her. She will also do the same with Imlie. Imlie challenges her, saying that you cannot go against the fate. Aditya will take off her veil in Mu Dikhai, she says. Malini believes that only time will reveal the truth.

Satyakam is happy to have Imlie and Meethi chat. They have a great time laughing and he mocks Dulari. Meethi claims that Dulari now supports Imlie. Satyakam advises Imlie to take good care of herself, and that if she is ever in trouble, she will call him. Imlie tells him to relax. Malini hears this and calls the same number after Meethi and Imlie leave.

Rupy questions Aparna and Radha about their food preparations and asks them if they have caterers. Aparna claims that no one will attend the Mu Dikhai ceremony. They hired caterers without any reason. Aparna is teased by Dulari, who claims she has already informed the villagers about the event. Aparna claims that no neighbors will be coming from the in-law’s side because they won’t accept Imlie. Rupy is shown the saree by Imlie. Rupy claims that this saree is too old, but Imlie should wear something more modern in Mu Dikhai. Dulari promises she will wear Rupy’s saree, but Aparna should gift a new saree instead to Imlie. It is the mother-in-law’s duty. Aparna is furious and claims she has many sarees.

Aparna returns to her bedroom and gives Imlie her used and old sarees. She said she had hoped to distribute them to the poor, but Imlie was already there so she gave them to her. Dulari claims that Aparna is so small-hearted. Imlie stops Aparna from insulting her. Aparna thanks her for the sarees. Rupy criticizes Radha and Aparna for being insensitive. She claims they are mimicking Anu’s mistreatment of Imlie. Aparna is now a completely different person because of her anger. Aparna also has a dispute with Rupy. Then Imlie arrives in a lehenga. Rupy is surprised to learn that Imlie made a lehenga from the old sarees. Aparna tells Imlie that Aparna has smartly managed the situation. But what about the gifts from your in-laws? How can you do that?


Malini informs Aditya that no one will be buying gifts for Imlie during the ritual. So, she decides to buy gifts for her sister. Aditya agrees, and says Imlie has such a caring sibling. He promises to accompany Malini. Imlie arrives and is surprised to learn that Aditya, Malini and he will be going shopping for gifts for her. Aditya assures her that he will return before 6 pm. She claims she doesn’t want any, but Aditya insists that she does. Malini leaves them alone. Imlie admits she is a little nervous about the ritual. Aditya encourages her to not worry. Malini becomes upset and runs away. Aditya is about leaving and Imlie places Kala Teeka on her face. He kisses her cheek. Aditya smiles, then leaves. Imlie feels bad.

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