Imlie 2nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Tripathis returns home in the first episode. Nishant informs Sundar that the electricity has gone. Imlie sees the Diya, and she says that she doesn’t believe in its darkness. She walks up to the diya and sat down in front of it. She claims she has found the Rays of hope. She believes Aditya, who is also struggling, is still alive. She claims Sita Maiya is protecting Aditya, and that he is safe. Aparna is told by her to make Aditya kheer and that Aditya will return when the kheer is ready. Meethi declares that she believes in Imlie. She blesses Imlie by saying Sada Suhagan Raho. Imlie looks determined and emotional. Aparna is touched by her. Dulari encourages Imlie, and throws Gulaal.

Imlie runs on the streets, then stops to ride a bicycle. She shows her photo to everyone and asks them about Aditya. Pankaj is there to console Aparna as she cries. Aparna believes it’s Aditya. Pankaj tells Aparna to make Kheer and feed Aditya when he returns. Aparna said, “You are making me feel better.” Pankaj states that everyone is praying for Aditya in equal measure and that a mother’s love for her son is all that matters. Rupy urges Aparna to make kheer.

Imlie is frustrated when people say they didn’t see Aditya. She falls apart. Malini weeps and asks Anu why. Everything went wrong. Satyakam wanted to take Imlie with them, but he chose Aditya. Meethi arrives and tells Malini that she should at least realize her mistake. Because of her husband, Imlie is in danger. Malini claims Aditya is also my husband. Meethi said that if he were your husband, he would be with you. Meethi says that she once loved Dev, but never asked for his rights or snatched Anu’s rights. Malini, however, is a weak individual who placed Aditya’s safety at risk to fulfill her own agenda. Meethi believes that Imlie will save Aditya, and will bring him home.

Imlie is drenched when it rains. She promises that she won’t lose heart. Aditya’s picture is all she sees and she cries. Pankaj takes Aparna into the kitchen. Sundar assists her in making kheer. Tripathis pray for God. Imlie searches for Aditya on a hillside and discovers his phone broken. She grabs the phone and becomes emotional. She looks at the blood and is devastated. She screams Babusaheb.

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