Imlie 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Aparna is seen looking at Aditya’s childhood photos and crying. Aditya arrives at her bedroom and tells her that he will be going shopping with Malini in order to buy gifts to Imlie. He will enjoy it if Aparna is there to accompany him. Aparna claims Aditya is telling Aparna to be a good mother in law, but he forgot how to be one. Aditya holds her hand, saying he loves her very much but Imlie is also his favorite. He misses his mother even more. She misses her son too. That’s why she is looking at his photos. Why can’t she forgive him? He also wants kheer from her. Aparna becomes emotional and promises to forgive him. He hugges her and then leaves.

Rupy compliments Imlie as she gets ready. She inquires about Aditya, and then gets anxious. She covers her face in a veil, thinking that Aditya will take it off today. Malini will stop her from getting home in time, she says. But Aditya will get there on his own. Malini is now shopping for jewels and Aditya tells Malini to hurry as they need to get home by 6. Malini tells Aparna that she would like to purchase a necklace for Imlie. Aditya is forced to wear the watch she gave her and receives it as a gift. Aditya helps her to wear the necklace. They leave the shop later. Satyakam sees them.

Dulari sells Pagdandiya’s special sindoor to her guests. In return, she takes twenty rupees. Tripathis are disgusted, and Dulari teases Anu by telling her to buy just one box. Anu shouts at them. Meethi and Rupy bring Imlie to them. Harish and Aparna tell Dulari that they are going to end the drama.

Pankaj compliments Imlie, while Dulari questions Aditya. He isn’t back yet. Rupy sees Anu smiling and wonders if Malini can bring Aditya home later than expected. The guests discuss whether Imlie is maid and the ritual will occur or not God knows. Dulari promises to entertain them if they get bored. Dulari begins her hilarious performance on Chadti Jawani song. Harish is excited, Radha stares at him. Dulari enjoys dancing.

Satyakam meets Aditya, and Aditya tells Satyakam to go to the Mu Dikhai function. But Malini goes away thinking that she will ensure Muhurat is over. Imlie asks Malini about Aditya. Imlie is informed by her that Aditya was talking to Satyakam. Aditya is told by Satyakam that Satyakam has been manipulated and is in danger. Aditya needs Aditya’s assistance. Aditya suggests they call the police, but Satyakam says no.


Aditya goes with Satyakam. Imlie rushes towards the door, but her dupatta is removed by Aditya because it was near Aditya’s photo. He smiles at her and she is happy. Malini is told by her that she should stop fighting with destiny. No one can separate Aditya and Imlie. Imlie hears a bike sound, and she asks Malini about Satyakam’s words. Malini replies, “How will she know.” Aditya calls her and Imlie answers the phone. Aditya informs Imlie Satyakam is in urgent need of his assistance and that he will be back shortly. Malini asks Imlie where Aditya is. Imlie assures him he will return.

Satyakam takes Aditya out to a remote area and Aditya questions him about why he brought me here. There is nobody. Satyakam fires at Aditya. He recalls that Aditya was in the shop with Malini and was helping her to wear the jewels. Aditya is shot by Satyakam and she falls to the ground. Imlie’s veil is removed, and she appears shattered.

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