Imlie 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Aditya leaves Satyakam and begins the episode. Malini calls Aditya, and Imlie answers the phone. Aditya assures Imlie he is safe with Satyakam. He will return soon. Satyakam urgently needs his assistance. He advises her to not tell his family anything. They’ll be worried. Aditya asks Satyakam about where they are going. He replies that no one is following them. Satyakam promises to take Aditya to a safe location.

Satyakam brings Aditya to a hillside. Aditya asks Satyakam why he brought Aditya here. Satyakam fires a gun at Aditya, and he shoots him. Aditya is hit with two bullets and then falls to the ground. Imlie feels something is wrong. Aditya manages to stand up and ask Satyakam why he killed him. Satyakam claims Aditya betrayed Imlie again and that he still loves Malini, his first wife. He was with Malini at Imlie’s Muh Dikhai.

Aditya can trust Imlie to give her her life, but the latter has told her many lies. Aditya claims he loves Imlie, but Satyakam stops him. He said that a lady called him Malini.


Satyakam says he had hoped to bury Aditya alive, but Imlie stopped him. He won’t spare Aditya. Aditya is shocked to learn all this. Satyakam shot Aditya again before he could explain. He said that he didn’t deserve Imlie, and that he wouldn’t listen to your lies. Aditya tumbles down the cliff. The veil of Imlie is removed.

Sundar is called and goes to fetch ingredients for kheer. Imlie is distraught and enters the house without her veil. Dulari questions Imlie about her veil. The ritual hasn’t yet taken place. Aditya is where? Meethi questions Satyakam. Imlie said that Satyakam had urgent work, so he went along with Aditya. Aparna asks, “What’s the point in arranging all these rituals if Aditya will not come here?” Aditya didn’t want the party so his neighbors told him to leave. All guests leave the event. Malini becomes worried and leaves Anu behind.


Anu is told by Malini that Malini lied to Satyakam. She called him here and took Imlie with her. Malini does not explain why Satyakam brought Aditya. Aditya’s life could be in danger. She should notify the Police, but Anu prevents Malini from doing so. Meethi is told by Imlie that Satyakam left Aditya and she was confused. Satyakam calls Aditya, and she picks up Aditya’s mobile phone. He tells Imlie that Aditya should be forgotten forever. That shocks Imlie.

Satyakam takes Aditya’s cell phone and then leaves. Aparna says to Nishant that Imlie can answer any questions and Aparna advises him to call the police. Tripathis is informed by police that they have checked CCTV footage. Satyakam took Aditya up to the hillside, but Aditya didn’t return. It appears that Satyakam had killed Aditya. Everyone gets shocked. Inspector says that he is looking for Aditya along with his team. Imlie begins to cry. Aparna begins to accuse Imlie of killing Aditya. He is not a protestor, but a murderer. Aparna attacks Imlie, and then lashes out at him. She claims she wants Aditya and threatens to kill Imlie if he doesn’t return.


Malini attempts to tell Satyakam that she called her Malini, but Anu accuses Imlie of taking revenge on Tripathis for not accepting Imlie as their daughter-in-law. Imlie shouts that Aditya is still living. Aparna says that Aditya should be brought back at all costs. Imlie prays to God that Aditya will return. Meethi shares her concerns with Imlie, and Meethi asks why Satyakam was brought here from the village.

Malini warns Imlie that Aditya could be hurt if she doesn’t protect them. Imlie threatens her by going to her, saying that if Malini and Anu learn about this case, she will forget all of her relationships with them. Malini walks away. Imlie begins to weep.

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