27 December 2022

Breaking News
  • Defective Iphone: Consumer Forum orders Rs 4,000 as Compensation and refund of the cost of phone or Higher Version of Phone to Plaintiff
  • Triple Talaq Bill to be introduced in Lok Sabha on 28th December
  • BCI to examine plea to ban MP’s and MLA’s from Practising as Advocate
  • Mumbai court sets aside summons to Cyrus Mistry in ₹500 crore Defamation case
  • WhatsApp gets Legal notice for ‘middle finger’ emoji, asked to remove within 15 days
  • This HC has suspended 2 District Court Judges on Receiving Complaints against them
  • Fodder Scam Case: CBI Court convicts Former CM Lalu Prasad Yadav
  • HC issues Criminal Contempt against the ADJ for Unbelievable and Unacceptable Allegations
  • Tobacco Warning: SC refuses to grant stay on HC’s quashing of Govt. Regulation
  • HC: Motherhood is not an excuse, but a Right which has to be protected by an employer
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High Courts Portals

Links to website of Supreme Court and all High Courts-

High Courts of India
High Courts of India

  1. Supreme Court of India
  2. Allahabad High Court
  3. Andhra Pradesh High Court
  4. Bombay High Court
  5. Calcutta High Court
  6. Chhattisgarh High Court
  7. Delhi High Court
  8. Gauhati High Court
  9. Gujarat High Court
  10. Himachal Pradesh High Court
  11. Jammu & Kashmir High Court
  12. Jharkhand High Court
  13. Karnataka High Court
  14. Kerala High Court
  15. Madhya Pradesh High Court
  16. Madras High Court
  17. Manipur High Court
  18. Meghalaya High Court
  19. Orissa High Court
  20. Patna High Court
  21. Punjab & Haryana High Court
  22. Rajasthan High Court
  23. Sikkim High Court
  24. Tripura High Court
  25. Uttarakhand High Court
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