8 January 2018

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  • After HC’s rap, this State Govt. has issued circular to remove all unauthorized public address systems installed at religious places
  • Know how this 25-year-old became Witness in 250-300 Criminal Cases
  • Beware Celebrities: Consumer Protection Bill, 2018 proposes to Ban and Penalty upto 50 Lakhs on Misleading Ads, Read Bill
  • Parliamentary Committee: Airlines are overbooking the flights and creating Artificial Situations to deny boarding to confirmed ticket holders.
  • HC for death penalty to those found guilty of raping girls aged 15 years or below, Recommends State Govt. to enact law within 3 months
  • SC affirms: Adult woman enjoys an unfettered right to lead a life of her choice
  • SC’s 5 Judge Bench to re-examine this 158 year old Penal Provision which has absolved married women from being charged with Adultery
  • Fodder Scam Case: Lalu Prasad Yadav sentenced to 3 1/2 years in Jail along with 5 Lakh fine
  • New Year Bonanza: Lok Sabha has passed the Bill to hike salaries of SC and HC Judges
  • Arrest Shocker: Saudi Arabia has arrested more than 3 Lakh Foreigners living Illegally
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Legal Documents

What is a Legal Document?

A legal document, in general, is a document where two or more parties enter into an agreement and it is confirmed by the placement of their signatures at the end. The term legal documents have a very broad term when it comes to discovery and court required documents. Many times a court, during a specific case, will have to make a ruling on what types of documents are considered legal documents in relevance to the case. When a legal document is created to form a contract, all parties must agree and sign the document. If you do not sign the document it cannot be held as binding in a Court of Law. Many people attest to the “verbal agreement” theory. However, one should always remember the old cliche: “The agreement is only as good as the paper it is written upon.” If you do not sign a document it is not legal. A legal document is legally binding in the eyes of the court.

Legal Documents
Legal Documents

Types of Legal Documents-

There can be no exhaustive list of documents which can enlist all different types of Legal Documents. However they can be broadly categorised and understood under following heads.

  • Affidavits
  • Agreements
  • Application for Child Custody
  • Arbitration Agreements
  • Bonds
  • Civil Court Forms
  • Consumer Disputes
  • Criminal Court Forms
  • Dishonour of Cheque
  • Family Court Forms
  • Gift Deeds
  • Hire Purchase Agreements
  • Legal Bonds
  • Legal Notice Formats
  • Legal Settlements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Power of Attorney
  • Sale Documents Formats
  • Wills
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