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On MEA’s complaint CBI initiates probe into Education Certificate racket in Kuwait

June 30,2017:

Complaint given to the CBI by MEA states that this appears to be a tip of  the iceberg and as many Indians living in Kuwait may have fallen into trap of the impersonators.

Acting on a complaint from the ministry of external affairs, the Central Bureau of Investigation has initiated a probe into a systematic racket in which some persons cheated Indians living in Kuwait by promising them the certificates from Universities situated in India.

CBI Headquaters

Persons who ran this racket used fake email IDs of the Embassy of Kuwait in New Delhi and posed as representatives of Embassy.

One Jisha Jacob, who lives in Kuwait, informed Indian embassy there that she had received an email from so called representative of the Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi who asked her to pay Rs 17,150 mandatory charges for the Certificate Verification from a University here in India.

Impersonators used a fake ID – [email protected], which doesn’t belong to Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi, stated the complaint to the CBI.

Verification of the Educational Certificate of any Indian living abroad involves the embassy of the respective country and it is usually a long process.

The impersonators  probably took advantage of the situation and posed as the Embassy officials.

They provided the bank account details to the people living in Kuwait and asked them to deposit money.

According to the sources, it would be interesting to find out how the impersonators knew which Indians required the Educational Certificates.



Source - PTI

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