Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 15th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode starts with one of the officer tells to a vendor nothing to worry about ACP but she has changed the whole city. The tea vendor asks is she is that strict. The officer asks him to go and see it on himself. The tea vendor enters the room and gives the tea and when he about to leave ACP stops him and gives him money and tells that if anyone ever buy tea without paying then asks her to inform her. The vendor nods his head yes and leaves the place. ACP asks the officer what we are talking about before we gets interrupted. The officer tells ACP that they are talking about Raghav Rao. ACP tells the officer that she can’t believe that Raghav is doing this smuggling business with so much freedom and there is no proof against him also his competitor is not even saying anything against him. The officer tells ACP that Raghav is hiring people who are youngsters also most of them not even aware that they are working for Raghav so till now no one ever able to caught him. ACP tells the officer that she wants to meet Raghav to which the officer tells Raghav wont come to meet her its them who has to meet Raghav if we went. ACP tells then they can go and meet her. Sunny asks Keerti to not to disturb him saying that he dont have any work today while relaxing on his bed. Keerti tells Sunny that without broke commission she has seen two three houses so after she returns from office they can go and look for the houses and book one. Sunny gets shocked and tells Keerti that the girls loved to be in their Mother’s house then why she is acting this way. Keerti says in those girls house they wont face humiliation.

Sunny tells from today they wont face humiliation.. Keerti asks him what kind of magic he has. Sunny smirks and asks Keerti to wait and watch. Nikhil brings Abhishek to Raghav’s house to meet Pallavi. Abhishek gets scared seeing Raghav and Farhad so he tells Nikhil that he has so much work so he needs to leave. Pallavi asks Abhishek to wait for some more time as he arrived now only. Nikhil tells Pallavi that Abhishek is busy also he bought car and now planning on buying a house. Pallavi praises him and tells Nikhil that Abhishek wont never do any stupid things like once he done.

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ACP Laxmi Singh comes to RR mansion and introduces herself. Sunny and Keerti looks at ACP Sunny gets happy and Keerti gets confused. ACP takes blessings of the god and gives her kerchief to Abhishek who becomes nervous seeing the ACP. Abhishek and Nikhil leaves the house. ACP tells Raghav that she heard so much about him so she decides to meet him. Raghav tells ACP that he wont meet anyone without appointment. Pallavi asks ACP is there any problem. ACP asks Pallavi to not to worry saying police sometimes comes to the house to save themselves from the consequences of what they are doing. She then asks Raghav why he didn’t complaint about the necklace which has been stolen. Raghav tells ACP that they can sit and talk and leaves the place. Pallavi thinks to herself there isso much to the story and she feels that there is something big is happening which she is not aware about. ACP tells Raghav that she wanted to meet him that’s why without appointment she came here to meet him. She also tells that she is hired to find those who are involved in smuggling also tells Raghav that in his record it clearly shows that he has good relationship with all the custom officers. Raghav tells ACP that his business is related to them.sonehow so he needs to maintain a good relationship. ACP asks Raghav is ir because he is smuggling. Raghav laughs and tells ACP that she is calling him smuggler without proofs.

ACP tells Raghav that’s what she meant also she is keeping an eye on every jewelry business man in Hyderabad because the smuggling is happening often. Raghav asks ACP to check his files if she wants saying he is paying all the taxes. ACP tells Raghav that she will check his files for sure but not today then asks him to maintain it properly because she has the knowledge of finding mistakes even if it’s small also it may put him in trouble. She also tells the person who gets caught will not only pay the fine for not paying the taxes but also they have to pay every single penny of their smuggling diamonds taxes so asks Raghav to be more careful and leaves.

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ACP asks Pallavi to give her prasad the latter gives. ACP asks her why she is nervous to which Pallavi tells that she hadn’t done anything so she is not scared or nervous. ACP tells she wishes her husband also confident like her. Pallavi tells ACP that she is sure Raghav also told her the same also Raghav Rao will never do anything wrong. ACP leaves. Sunny goes to Pallavi ans gives her the file and asks her to call everyone and slap Raghav. Farhad gets worried and asks Raghav how come Sunny has the file but Raghav stops him. Pallavi shows Sunny the file in which its full of her pictures so asks him to wait and goes inside. Sunny gets worried thinking about the Punishment. Pallavi brings broom to beat Sunny but stops seeing Keerti so she gives one last warning to Sunny to not to try to create a difference between her and Raghav.

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