Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 1st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode begins with Pallavi going to Sharda’s room. She tells Sharda that she has started moving her hand, and that she is so happy about it. She tells Raghav that he promised not to let her sign the papers. Sunny arrives at RR mansion, greets Jaya and then leaves with Farhad. Sunny wonders where Keerti is. Sunny is surprised to find that Keerti is there. She tells Sunny that the idea of going to Deshmukh’s house doesn’t feel right. She worries that Mandar might tell everyone they made Raghav sign the divorce papers.

Sunny smiles and tells Keerti Raghav knows this and asks her to prepare for the puja. Keerti returns to her bedroom. Sunny sees Raghav’s photograph and says that Sunny Ahuja will soon be living in Sunny Ahujas mansion. Sharda is taken out of her bedroom by Amruta. Milind says she looks better and then asks Pallavi where Pallavi is. Pallavi meets Raghav at the airport and asks him about Pallavi’s appearance. Both of them get emotional. Raghav says that she is beautiful. Pallavi says she must be, because Mandar’s story will end. Raghav asks Pallavi if she can promise him that she will be happy. Pallavi assures Raghav that they will both be happy. Raghav doesn’t seem to be sad, but she asks her about his sadness. Pallavi then hugs Raghav and he hugs her back.

Milind calls Pallavi, so Pallavi decides that she will leave. Raghav however stops her and signs I Love You. Pallavi says to Raghav, “I love you too” and then leaves the kitchen. Mandar spots Pallavi, and calls her Beautiful. Mandar is told by Pallavi that she is happy, because she finally got what she wished after so many years. She then sees Jaya, and she asks Mandar why he called him that name. Mandar tells Pallavi that he wants everyone to know that he is going to take her to be his. He then takes Pallavi to great Jaya. Jaya is informed by him that Pallavi will sign the divorce papers. He also tells Jaya that Jaya invited him to inform her that Pallavi was going to be getting engaged to him. He then questions Raghav.


Jaya says Raghav is busy with other work. Mandar jokes Raghav is hiding because he lost Pallavi. Jaya advises Mandar not to fly high because god might not like his confidence and attitude so he may have to change his plans. Mandar is furious and says he now understands why Raghav has such an attitude. He also tells everyone that even God cannot change his fate, because it’s him who decides his destiny. He sees Sunny and Keerti, so he leaves. Milind apologizes to Jaya, and takes her to Sharda.

Sulochana announces that the dance performance is over. Amruta Mansi, Pallavi and Pallavi then dance with other girls. Mandar thanked Sunny and Keerti, and also apologized to Sumny’s rude behavior with him. He then sees the mysterious man and takes a box with him. He tells him that he can’t fulfill his wishes any more and has had enough. He tells the guy that he’s not in a position to refuse to fulfill his wishes, and asks him for new headphones and leaves.


Pallavi told Amrutq she wanted Mandar to be killed for being so rude with Jaya. But she stopped because Raghav promised to fix everything. She then sees Raghav’s interaction with Jaya and realizes that something is wrong. So she decides she will confront them. Jaya informs Raghav about Pallavi’s realization that something was going to happen. Raghav asks Jaya not to tell Pallavi that he’s going to.kill Mandar. Sharda is shocked. Mandar interrupts Pallavi to ask her to help with the divorce papers. Pallavi asks Mandar why Raghav’s lawyer has not arrived yet and then wonders what she will do.

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