Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Mandar calls Swapnil and Raghav attempts to set the microphone. He questions Raghav about his activities. Raghav gives up the microphone. Mandar notices the microphone and grabs it. Raghav calms Mandar and tells him he’s now Swapnil. Mandar questions Raghav about this. He tells Mandar that he is a servant, but acts like he has everything. Raghav turns his back to Mandar and berates him. Raghav refuses to listen and decides that Mandar will not spare Raghav if he raises his hand. Mandar tries hitting Raghav, but Raghav raises his hand. Mandar is shocked when Rama arrives and informs Mandar that Swapnil will be giving him his tea. Mandar asks Rama about his microphone. Rama says Swapnil also has poor hearing in one ear, which is why he carries the microphone to himself. Then, he takes it away from him. Mandar makes fun of Swapnil’s deafness and tells him to not look at him in the eyes as he is a servant of his house. Rama takes Raghav from Mandar.

Sunny gives Keerti Raghav and Pallavi’s divorce papers. But Keerti says she cannot betray them. Sunny explains that their first attempt to split them was unsuccessful so they now have to divorce. However, Keerti insists that she cannot cheat Raghav and Pallavi in marriage. Sunny relates that Mandar promised to help her marry him so they must help him. She also reveals that she gives him all information about her family, and that this is why she didn’t realize she was cheating her family. He shows Keerti the marriage profile and says Raghav and Jaya created it. If they can cheat her, then she can do the same to them. Sunny tells Keerti that it is a mistake and they won’t do this. Sunny then asks Sunny to find out the truth. He told Sunny that it was truth. Sunny then asks Sunny to remind her that there is nothing wrong with betraying them. Rama takes Farhad to Raghav. Farhad calms Raghav and tells him that he’s here to prove Mandar wrong. He asks hil to not get mad. Raghav says that Mandar will be killed if Raghav can find the proof. Farhad tells Rama that he will go into the house to find them both. Farhad tells Raghav then that he will tell Amruta that Mandar’s room has a microphone. Raghav however tells Raghav that Mandar challenged Raghav so he will expose him. Raghav then hears Mansi calling him and he enters the house Farhad leaves.

Swapnil is told by Mansi what he should do. Raghav looks at Pallavi, and decides to irritate him. He signs the heart symbol at Pallavi. Sulochana believes it is for her, so she signs back. Pallavi is annoyed and asks Swapnil why he would do this to her. Sulochana defends Swapnil, saying that he’s asking them what to make for lunch. Pallavi enters the room and tells Amruta, “I don’t know why Raghav hasn’t arrived yet.” She then decides that she will call Raghav. Raghav giggles when Pallavi informs him that he is going to either kill Mandar or the cook. Then he decides to reveal Pallavi’s identity. Jaya confronts Keerti about Jaya’s profile on Matrimonial Site. Jaya says it was her who created the profile. Jaya explains that Raghav is asking her to forget Pallavi. Keerti asks Jaya why. Jaya replies that both their intentions are true. Jaya threatens to kill Keerti, if Sunny marries Jaya. Keerti is furious and says that she will ensure Raghav and Pallavi are separated.

Pallavi emerges from the bathroom. Mandar takes Pallavi’s saree and insists that she help him. Mandar offers to help Pallavi, but she refuses and he tries to get close to her. Pallavi is uncomfortable. Raghav arrives and pours hot soup on Mandar’s hands. Mandar gets furious but Rama manages the situation and takes Mandar with him. Pallavi is scared and flees. Raghav becomes annoyed and angry when Keerti calls him. Jaya is ill. Raghav then comes to Jaya’s house and finds Jaya fine. Raghav then attacks Keerti and leaves the area warning. Mansi scolds Rama for not making the right dish. Mandar requests Rama to contact his boss. Rama is nervous. Raghav will soon be on his way to Deshmukh’s house.

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