Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Mandar asks Prakash about Swapnil. Rama is worried. Raghav arrives as Swapnil, and shows them the modak. Prakash informs everyone that Swapnil had made momos from the flour left over and that he accidentally served them momos. Vijay asks Prakash if it’s okay. He then tastes modak and says that it is really delicious. Everyone eats. Raghav then gives Pallavi the modak, and she eats it. Sulochana asks Swapnil to feed her modak. Everyone is shocked. Rama explains that Swapnil will be preparing their lunch. Swapnil goes to the kitchen as well. Keerti considers Raghav’s warnings, and then gets mad. Sunny then calls Keerti and says that Raghav can betray her. Sunny is then told by Keerti that Raghav can’t sign the divorce papers right now. Sunny says she should make Raghav sign them today. Sunny asks Keerti if Raghav can sign the divorce papers as soon as possible. Keerti accepts.

Raghav talks to his business partner. After that, he decides on covering his face with a mask and is shocked to see Pallavi there. Pallavi begins beating Raghav. Raghav tells Raghav to stop, and that someone might be looking for them. Pallavi informs Raghav that jo one is at the house. Raghav tells her that she is upset because she is waiting for Raghav to save Mandar. He is busy making modak and momos. She tells Raghav that she felt Raghav holding her hand when he looked at them the other day. But she then tells Raghav that Raghav was Raghav because Raghav would tell her everything. Raghav apologizes to Pallavi, but she refuses to listen. She tells Raghav that Mandar has made her life miserable and that Mandar could have killed me one day. Raghav is told by Pallavi that he didn’t want to wait until then. Raghav becomes angry, shouts Pallavi’s name, raises his arm at Pallavi, and then hugging her tightly. Pallavi breaks down in Raghav’s arms.
Raghav apologizes again to Pallavi for concealing this. Raghav then tells Pallavi that if she talks about death again, he will kill her. Then Raghav tells Pallavi that he cannot see Pallavi crying so he asks her to stop. Pallavi says that it is okay to play pranks like this when they have their own time, but not when they are in this situation. Raghav apologizes to Pallavi. Raghav tells Pallavi then that he placed microphones in every room, except Mandar. But Rama placed it in Mandar’s bedroom too so that they could find something against Mandar. He asks Pallavi if there has been any improvement in Sharda’s health, as it is really beneficial for them. Pallavi says nothing, except that Sharda was wearing her saree the other day. Raghav says that if she is healthy and writes, then they will be able to make Mandar a Written Statement.

Pallavi walks out to Raghav the next day and asks why he called her. Raghav shows Pallavi the recorder in which Mandar speaks to someone. He says that the demand for the person is increasing each day and then agrees to meet him. Pallavi questions Raghav about the person in question and why Mandar must fulfill his request. Raghav says he will follow Mandar. Pallavi asks Raghav for his care and says that she will go back to Mandar’s bedroom. Sunny is told by Keerti that she doesn’t feel right about what she is doing. She also says that it is fine for her to marry in court. Sunny manipulates her by telling her that he doesn’t want her to regret that her mother isn’t present at her wedding, so they must do this. Keerti accepts and then leaves. Raghav follows Mandar. Mandar turns and Raghav hides. Raghav then sees that Mandar has given someone a suitcase. He wonders who it is. Pallavi goes into Mandar’s bedroom and finds bills. He wonders what Mandar is doing. Raghav is worried that Mandar will not be coming to his home. He searches for his mobile, but can’t find it so he decides to get there before Mandar.

Pallavi hears Mandar walking so she runs and hides. Mandar places his Watch on the dressing room table. Pallavi will see his reflection in the mirror. Mandar turns around. Raghav arrives and makes Mandar feel uncomfortable by the smoke. Pallavi then leaves the room. She then comes in and tells Mandar she was the one who told Swapnil this. Mandar informs Pallavi she is aware that Swapnil is allergic and asks her to make Swapnil go. Pallavi tells Swapnil that he should leave and then waits outside for Pallavi. Pallavi asks Mandar for water to clean his face. Then, Pallavi comes out and hifi Raghav.

Jaya is given a file by Farhad. He says Raghav will be coming over to sign the papers and that he also needs to visit his father, who must go to hospital. Jaya informs Farhad that Raghav will have it in his room. Farhad is asked to leave. Farhad then leaves. Jaya places the file in Raghav’s office room and then goes. Keerti notices Jaya and says that Jaya made her do it, but Raghav and Jaya forced her. Farhad is contacted by Raghav after Pallavi has asked him to complete his work. Both men discuss why Mandar should buy expensive items when he’s not using them, and Pallavi showed him the bills in his room. Raghav then kisses her cheek. Pallavi says that she loves him. Raghav returns to his home and promises Jaya that Mandar will be delivered soon. Raghav goes through each page. Keerti believes that Raghav will stop reading the paper if he continues to read it. Raghav feels he is late and feels everything in this file is correct so he signs the paperwork and then leaves. Keerti arrives and says that they made her do it. She smirks.

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