Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 2nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Mandar tells Pallavi that she must sign the papers so they can get married. Pallavi believes that Raghav must be contacted. However, she doesn’t know how to get Mandar to leave her side. Then she looks at God’s icon and tells Mandar that they will first file divorce papers, then ring near God’s idol, and then pray to god to get engaged.

Mandar attempts to talk to her, but she tells her it will be a relief for her. Mandar then goes to God’s idol and turns around to see Vijay. Vijay talks to Vijay. Raghav goes inside Pallavi follows him. Sunny is told by Keerti that they will be having more parties after their marriage. She says they won’t invite more people. Sunny says the house is large enough to accommodate more people. Keerti says he has a two-bedroom flat. Sunny asks her which house he’s talking about. Sunny tells Keerti she had hoped to purchase a new house after they got married.

Sunny hears Keerti tell Keerti that she is happy in his home. Sunny believes Keerti to be her enemy or girlfriend. He then decides that he will ensure that after marriage the RR mansion is his. Raghav recalls how Mandar tried to touch Pallavi, and then gets mad. Pallavi enters and questions Raghav about why his lawyer isn’t there yet. Mandar wants her to sign the papers. She asks Raghav why he is so nervous and Jaya why she looks scared.


Raghav informs Pallavi that there is nothing like this and he is not hiding anything from her. Jaya then says Raghav is upset about what is happening. Pallavi then hug Raghav and says that she wants her life back. Raghav then tells Jaya that Raghav has his gun. But Raghav excuses Raghav before she can ask any further questions and then leaves. Pallavi wonders why Pallavi feels Raghav is hiding something from her.

Pallavi walks out of the kitchen to speak to Amruta. She then decides to look for Raghav. Mandar interrupts her and asks everyone to pay more attention to him. He tells Pallavi that he is engaged to Pallavi. He tells Pallavi that Raghav is finally going to be free of the mangalsutra and that he still loves her. He tells everyone that he invited Sunny and Keerti to this special occasion. They are also going to perform together. Jaya stares at Keerti, who becomes scared and anxiously looks at Sunny.


Sunny and Keerti perform in front of everyone. Amruta arrives and tells Pallavi something, then they both leave. Farhad questions Amruta about what is so crucial that she asked him to bring Amruta here. Pallavi arrives and asks Amruta if Mandar is being watched. Farhad then questions Pallavi about Raghav’s plans for tonight. Farhad thinks about Raghav’s promise, then apologizes to Pallavi and says he can’t tell her anything. Pallavi decides she must find out more and enters the house.

The puja begins. Raghav points the gun at Mandar. Sharda stops Pallavi, and explains to her that Raghav had planned to kill Mandar. Pallavi is shocked, and she looks at Raghav. She decides to stop Raghav. She dances with Raghav and joins the others. She decides that Raghav doesn’t need to risk her life if she burns it so she moves on to the diyas. Raghav notices this. Mandar grabs the papers and turns around.


Raghav fires his gun. Before Pallavi can put her hand in the diya, Mandar’s paper flies off Mandar’s hands. Raghav’s sign appears on the paper after it is burned. Mandar gets shocked. Pallavi and Raghav smile. Sunny and Mandar get into a fight. Both threaten each other. Jaya asks Vijay to leave the house and says that he will not allow Jaya to return to their home ever again. Pallavi informs Vijay that Sunny and Mandar get into a fight. Jaya then apologizes on Mandar’s behalf.

Jaya also insults Keerti. Pallavi asks Mandar to sign the papers. Mandar says it’s Sunny’s paper that got burnt. Pallavi tells Mandar she is disappointed and then leaves. Amruta and Raghav Jaya smile, then Jaya asks Keerti for permission to leave the house. Deshmukh also goes to their bedroom. Mandar swears that he will do whatever it takes to make Pallavi his wife within a week, regardless of whether the divorce papers are going through or not. He also says Pallavi is his only.

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