Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Mandar discovers that there are no bills in Mandar’s drawer. He wonders why he did not keep it inside. Mandar then searches the whole room for it and finds it. Raghav goes into the Deshmukh’s house from behind the door. Raghav questions Rama about how he made the food. Rama says that they want a new dish today so he is looking online for the recipe. Raghav requests Rama to prepare it quickly. Sulochana knocks at the kitchen door to ask Prakash to tell Swapnil she is there to talk to him.

Prakash informs Swapnil that he is busy with his cooking. Pallavi arrives and tells Sulochana that Swapnil doesn’t like other people interrupting him while he cooks. She asks her to please leave. Mandar arrives and angrily demands that they listen to their servants’ orders. Pallavi assures Mandar that it is not like that, but they accepted his condition. Mandar knocks on the door and begs Swapnil for permission to enter. Raghav becomes angry and walks towards the door. Rama and Pallavi get worried. Vijay arrives at the scene and asks what is going on. Mandar says that there are things missing from Mandar’s room. He believes Raghav stole them. Mandar tells Pallavi what is missing in his room. Mandar says that there are bills missing from his bedroom.

Swapnil emerges from the kitchen to sign at Mandar his wishes. Sulochana explains that she learned sign language for Swapnil. Sulochana then tells Raghav that Swapnil was saying that he didn’t come to his room when he signs at Mandar. Mandar becomes furious and Raghav looks furious. Pallavi then indirectly asks Raghav for calmness, and then asks everyone to leave their rooms. Everyone goes. Raghav believes that Mandar is going insane. He needs to discover the truth.

Sunny meets Keerti and gives him the divorce papers. Sunny notices Keerti looking upset and asks her why. She tells him nothing, and he leaves. Pallavi arrives at Raghav’s bedroom and gives him a protein shake. Raghav turns to Pallavi, kisses her cheeks and looks at her. Pallavi is shocked and asks Raghav what happened. Raghav says nothing, he only wanted to do it. Pallavi smiles at Raghav and kisses Raghav’s cheek, which also surprises him. Then Pallavi says now they need to discuss the problem and tells Mandar why he is losing his temper over paying bills. Raghav spots the Mandar man outside Deshmukh’s house. He hurries to Pallavi, gets confused and follows him.

Raghav informs Pallavi that this is the man Mandar met. Pallavi discovers there isn’t one and asks Raghav for permission to leave. Raghav tells Pallavi that they must find out the truth about Mandar, then takes Raghav inside. Sunny gives Mandar divorce papers. Mandar is happy to see Raghav’s signature, and decides that he will leave. Mandar reminds Sunny of his promises, but Mandar ignores him and says first let him finish his plan. Sunny is furious and calls Mandar to ask Pallavi if Pallavi has a birth certificate. Pallavi brings Raghav to Sharda and says today she only got the chance to take Raghav to see her. Raghav promises to defend Pallavi, and his entire family. He also requests Sharda to get up quickly so they can fight together.


Sulochana is told by Mansi that they have Amazing cooks and will celebrate Janmashtami grandly. Sulochana talks about Swapnil again, but then covers it up by saying that his cooking will make the puja one to remember. Pallavi arrives and says that they will celebrate Sharda’s birthday. Sulochana asks Swapnil to tell her what they need to purchase for the puja and the dishes. Mandar arrives and asks Swapnil what he will make for the puja. He tells Pallavi that it is the Special form of all the other pujas and then takes Pallavi inside.

Mandar informs Pallavi that all her sorrows have ended and she will soon be free from them. Pallavi is confused and asks Mandar what he’s saying. Mandar gives Pallavi the divorce papers. Pallavi is shocked to see Raghav sign the papers and decides that Mandar must have done something to get Raghav’s signature without his knowledge. Mandar requests Pallavi to sign these papers. Pallavi believes she must do something. She acts happy, thanks Mandar for rescuing her from Raghav’s hands and then says that she would like to start their relationship oj Janmashtami. Mandar is happy to accept her offer. Sunny takes Pallavi and her brother’s birth certificates and discovers that Pallavi’s father’s name is not listed. He calls for help and asks them to help. Pallavi meets Raghav, and they discuss the signature in the divorce papers.


Raghav says it’s impossible because he is only here then he remembers the papers that he signed. Pallavi says it was Keerti that made Raghav do this. Raghav becomes upset and decides that he will confront Keerti. However, Pallavi stops him from pursuing the matter and asks him to do something. She says she will commit suicide but won’t sign the papers. Raghav tells Pallavi that he will not let her sign the papers, and he leaves. Pallavi says that Raghav cannot do anything and asks God not to disappoint her.

Precap: Raghav tells Jaya & Farhad to stop Pallavi. He says that he can only kill Mandar. Raghav takes out his gun and places it on the table. Pallavi dances in puja with Amruta, Amruta, and a few other girls. Mandar asks Pallavi for permission to sign the papers and then informs Pallavi that they can get married after puja. Pallavi becomes worried. Raghav arrives as Swapnil, and looks at Mandar. Sharda signs for something and becomes upset.

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