Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Mansi informs someone that tomorrow will be Janmashtami puja. She wants some dupatta, while Sharda takes care of Sharda. Then she leaves to wash her hands. Mandar enters the room, and asks Mansi questions about Pallavi. Then he asks Mansi if he can find an electronic shop where he can buy a new laptop. Mansi informs her friends about the shop and then asks him why he would like a new laptop. Mandar tells her that he’s going to start a business. Sharda keeps track of everything in Mansi’s mobile. Sulochana calls Mansi to ask her to prepare food for Milind, who has just returned from Bangalore. Milind is shocked to learn that Raghav had signed the divorce papers. Mansi finds her mobile Pallavi in Sharda’s bed, but does not notice Sharda signing at her. Sharda tells her that she knows Sharda wants to talk to Sharda but that once she is better, she will be able to do so.

Sharda is worried and upset. Raghav speaks to his lawyer and tells him that if Pallavi signs the divorce papers, then he doesn’t have other options but to take the best option and the court will give Raghav and Pallavi six month notice. Sulochana and Mansi tell Raghav that Pallavi will sign the divorce papers tomorrow. Then, they can live happily as Deshmukh families. Pallavi gets upset. Raghav informs Jaya and Farhad that Mandar cannot live without punishment, so he has no choice but to kill Mandar. Amruta meets Pallavi in the kitchen to ask what they plan to do. Pallavi assures Amruta that Raghav will keep his promise and she will stop her signing the papers.

Jaya informs Raghav that Mandar’s death is not what she wants. Raghav says they have no other choice but to do it to protect Pallavi. He is the husband he loves most and would do anything to ensure that she has a peaceful and happy life, even if he had to spend the rest of his life in prison. Sulochana relates that Mandar invited Raghav and his family to Janmashtami puja, and Pallavi will sign the divorce papers in front of them. Jaya is asked by Raghav to imagine that Raghav killed someone and not that he lost it. Jaya asks Raghav to bless him. Jaya is sad, but she puts her hand on Raghav to bless him.

Raghav enters his room as Swapnil, asks Jaya or Farhad not to tell Pallavi his plans and motives behind them. Jaya also requests Jaya to take Pallavi out of this city, where no one knows anything about their lives. Farhad asks Jaya and Keerti to take care of him and he leaves. Farhad questions Jaya about what’s going on here. Jaya informs Farhad that tomorrow will be Janmashtami. She has complete faith in God and won’t allow anything to go wrong so she asks him to make it happen. Raghav is outside, while Pallavi waits. Raghav arrives at Pallavi’s house and informs her that he has an idea, but refuses to reveal anything. He tells her that he will end Mandar’s chapter before she can sign the papers.

Pallavi is happy, and she tells Raghav they can celebrate Janmashtami grandly. She then asks him to book tickets to Australia or Maldives as they need a break. He then kisses his cheek. Sulochana calls Pallavi and she enters the house. Raghav pulls out his gun and tells Pallavi that Mandar was so involved in their relationship. However, he signed the divorce papers without Pallavi’s signature. Mandar’s death certificate requires the signature of Raghav.

Amruta and Pallavi are preparing for Janmashtami puja the next day. Pallavi informs Amruta that she doesn’t want to hear her non-sense jokes. Mandar arrives and sits next to Sulochana, telling her that Pallavi is happy today. Mandar is told by Sulochana that she will be, because she finally has the chance to live with him. Mandar says that even though he’s happier now, he and Pallavi will live happy lives. Raghav, Swapnil and Amruta come out of the kitchen carrying a tea tray. Sulochana praises the virtue of hil, which causes Pallavi to stop laughing and Amruta not to. Mansi then calls her and she leaves. Mandar then looks at Raghav and asks him why he’s looking at Mandar like that. Raghav tells Raghav that he’s happier today because he and Pallavi are starting a new life. He asks Mandar to forgive him and he leaves.

Raghav realizes that this will be the last time Mandar has tea. Mandar enters Sharda’s bedroom and informs her of his engagement to Pallavi. He then mocks Sharda’s paralysis and says that he will bring his fiancee to meet him after the engagement. Sharda gently lifts her hand and folds. Pallavi is shocked and emotional to see Sharda’s improvement in health from outside.

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