Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Pallavi walks out of her bedroom and examines the pen drive in her hand. Vijay comes along with Milind and questions Pallavi about why they called her so urgent. Pallavi informs them that she would like to show them something. Sulochana tells Pallavi that if she’s going to show a movie, then she would like popcorn. Amruta scolds her. Pallavi watches the video. After Akshad, the youtuber, starts to talk, everyone is shocked to see Mandar pushing Sharda off the terrace. Pallavi tells everyone that Mandar pushed Sharda off the terrace. This video was made by a YouTuber who threatened Mandar.

Sulochana says it’s impossible because Mandar was unconscious in her room that day. Pallavi asks Pallavi if this is true, then why is he in this video. Vijay says he doesn’t believe it all and questions Pallavi about why she does this to his son Mandar. Mansi and Sulochana question Mandar about why he would do this to his mother. Pallavi said that Sharda knows the truth about Mandar’s memory. Everyone gets shocked. Mansi again asks Mandar why he is doing this. Pallavi tells everyone Mandar wants her. That’s why, even after he had regained his memory, he didn’t tell anyone.

Mansi requests Pallavi not to be so high about herself. Vijay tells Pallavi again that he believes his son won’t do such things. Raghav is shocked and furious. Pallavi says that Mandar stalked her, and that he plotted all of this to get her married. She tells everyone that Mandar murdered her best friend Devyani, because she knows the truth. Vijay repeatedly says that he doesn’t believe anything Pallavi is saying. He also tells Vijay that he doesn’t want to hear any criticism of his son. Pallavi informs Vijay that he must hear the truth about Mandar. He tells Mandar that he is a selfish, crazy psychopath who will do anything to get what he wants.

Mandar arrives at the house and tells everyone he is innocent. He is shocked to see the video of him pushing Sharda. He says to Pallavi, “If she doesn’t want to marry me, say so to him. But don’t frame him in such ways.” He tells Raghav Raghav that he can’t have Pallavi and why he’s doing this with the help Pallavi. Pallavi informs Mandar she won’t be afraid of him anymore. She also tells Milind Mandar that Mandar threatened to kill Sharda. That’s why she stayed and worked with him to expose his lies. Mandar informs Pallavi that she made the biggest mistake in her life, and that she will be paying for it. He tells Pallavi that if he cannot have her, he will not allow anyone to have her.

Pallavi gets shocked. Raghav is able to see everything and stop Mandar touching Pallavi. Everyone gets shocked. Raghav asks Mandar if he wants to leave Pallavi. Mandar questions Raghav about Raghav’s dumbness and asks him how he can talk now. Raghav shows his face to everyone and tells them that he must do this in order to save Pallavi from Mandar’s physocapth behavior. Sulochana gets uncomfortable. Mandar gets shocked. Mandar tells Vijay that Raghav and Pallavi are trying to trap him. Sunny arrives and tells everyone that Mandar told him that Akshad had blackmailed him with the video. However, he realized that he cannot do this to his mother and family. He tells Mandar that he had already warned him about the consequences. Mandar attempts to hit Sunny but Raghav stops him and warns him to not touch Sunny if he gets happy. Sharda wakes and falls from her bed.


Milind slaps Mandar, and begs him to stop his drama. Mandar attempts to hit Milind, but Pallavi threatens him so that he takes threatening steps towards Pallavi. Raghav then begins beating Mandar. Sharda crawls to reach everyone. Mandar falls to his knees and grabs the knife, which he then places under Pallavi’s neck. Everyone gets shocked.

Raghav pulls out his gun and points it at Mandar, but Mandar threatens to kill Pallavi. Raghav is asked by Pallavi to put down his gun. Mandar tells everyone that Devyani was killed and also pushed Sharda to learn his truth. He tells everyone that he wants Pallavi and then explains why he let her go. Everyone gets shocked. Mandar asks Raghav if he will shoot himself, saying that Pallavi wouldn’t be his if it was alive. Raghav points the gun at his forehead. Everyone e gets shocked. Mandar’s words are not something Amruta or Mansi want Raghav to listen to. Milind pleads with Raghav not to do anything. Pallavi struggles with Mandar’s hold. Sunny is shocked. Raghav is shocked to see Pallavi.

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