Nima Denzongpa 1st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Suresh makes Tuilka eat sweets. Nima looks sad and then goes back to work in the kitchen. Suresh is just about to get to her, but Tulika acts as if she’s going to faint so Suresh takes Suresh into the room.

Nima sits outside the house at night. Suresh arrives at the house and asks you what you are doing. She tells her that she is making a frock. Suresh gives her sweets. Nima wishes you congrats. I want you and Ayi to have children. Suresh said that I know you have done a lot, and that I am grateful. You saw my dream and God will bring it to fruition. It will be a happy end, you will be a Badi Ayi for my children. Nima smiles.

Suresh is busy counting money to give Sunita in the morning. Tulika awakens and asks him what he is doing. He tells me that I must give money to Sunita, Nima, and Nima. Tulika says give me some more

Money. Suresh claims that I gave you money two days ago. Tulika claims I am pregnant and that I need money to pay for the tests. Suresh believes we should have tests done within 4 months. Tulika weeps and tells Suresh that she has needs. Suresh offers her money and tells her that Nima can manage with less money. Tulika states that this money is not for her, but for her baby. Suresh smiles and then leaves.

Suresh visits Sunita and gives her money. He claims it’s less. Suresh arrives and gives money to Nima. Sunita informs Suresh that she needs more money. Suresh tells Sunita that I must manage this entire house. Sunita accepts money from Nima, but says that she doesn’t really need it. I will manage everyone. Nima says that it’s fine, I don’t need the money. Ayi will help me if I have a need. Sunita agrees and then leaves. Suresh smiles at Nima.


Suresh starts Ganpati Pooja at his house. Suresh attempts to perform aarti together with Nima, but Tulika seizes it. Suresh’s boss, an actor, enters his home and performs pooja with them. Sia performs pooja. Nima smiles at them. Nima is rewarded with the aarti by the actor. Sunita is furious. The pooja is over.

Suresh thanks his boss for coming to their home and offers him food. Your boss asks you where is your Nima. Suresh replies that I will call her. Everyone takes pictures with the actor. Tulika is seated with him. His guard requests that she not disturb him. Suresh calls Nima. She is told by the actor that Suresh was always infatuated Sikkim. He says, “I have to go.” He donates money to Nima and Nima’s girls. He believes that daughters are Devi, so give them whatever they need. Nima smiles. Vilash, the actor, leaves there.


Tulika calls Nima to ask where the necklace is for the pooja. Nima tells Tulika that I have it here. I’ll bring it. Sunita said you should have been more cautious, you were only smiling at your boss. Tulika promises that he will get it. Tulika claims that my slippers are also missing. Nima claims it was only there. My slippers are available for you. Tulika requests her to finish her work. She acts as if she is screaming in pain, and claims that Nima’s slippers caused her to slip. Suresh can see oil in her slippers. Tulika claims she did it intentionally to cause me to slip and lose her baby. Sunita shouts at Nima, “Why would you do that?” Are you jealous of her? Nima starts crying and then runs. Suresh visits Nima. Nima claims that the baby is also mine, she is just like my sister. Why would I do that to her? Suresh said that I trust you more than any other person. These people are not listening so it’s futile to speak to them. God is always with us, so don’t weep. Smile for me. Suresh gives her a hug.

Sunita says to Tulika, “I can’t believe that she has such an evil heart.” Tulika laughs, and she says that you are also a fool. Flashbacks show how Tulika had oil in her slippers. Sunita giggles and says that you are clever, but Suresh is still trapped in her clutches. Tulika said he would doubt her after a while. Sunita believes you are correct.


Nima serves food to the family. Tuliks mixes her food in silence. She asks, “What is it?” She pulls out a needle from her food, and she says Nima must be the one who did it. Suresh tells Nima to be cautious. Nima replies that she doesn’t know how the needle got in the food. She will be more cautious now. Tulika smirks.

Nima cooks in the kitchen every morning. Tulika rubs red dye on her finger, and then screams. My hand was burned by Nima’s hot water. Sunita claims Nima is deliberately doing this to me. Suresh promises that he will check the water. He tests the water and finds it very hot. She warns Nima not to get burned.

Tulika applies soap to the floor. Nima is cleaning up the floor. Tulika acts like slipping. Suresh saves Tulika. Tulika claims she wants to kill me. Nima claims it’s not like this.. Suresh says enough Nima. Stay away from Tulika until further notice. Do your job. Nima cries.

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