Nima Denzongpa 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Nima Denzongpa 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist on

Episode 1: Suresh’s mother is invited to a family for her marriage proposal. She claims that Suresh is busy and a well-known assistant. According to the father of the girl, Payal is seeking a man who will be a good husband. Suresh’s mother said that we don’t want any dowry and that he could put a tank into this house if needed. Suresh arrives at the house and greets them. Asha informs Nima, “I will be late so cook before I return.” Are you a good cook? Nima nods in silence.

Payal’s mother tells Suresh to ask any questions. Suresh attempts to claim that he is a spot boy, but his mother stops him. He also lies to her about his salary. Payal smiles at her. His mother said that he is always busy. After the marriage, he will be more available to Payal. Suresh is shocked and says “Married”. His mother looks at him. Suresh is stunned. Nima is crying and cooking. She thinks back to her parents. Amol laughs at her, saying that he has never seen a girl so emotional. He tries touching her but she refuses to respond. She weeps and asks him to call her family. He responds, “Okay, just be quick.” He then leaves.

Suresh’s mother claims that the marriage is already fixed. Suresh watches. Nima calls it home. It is picked up by Imli, her sister. Nima cries. Imli tells Imli that mama is very concerned. Baba answers the phone and tells him to stop calling us. He closes the call. Nima cries. Amol offers water to her. Nima claims they have locked me out for all eternity. Amol said so. Did you think you could have fun here, and then come back? This is what happens to girls like you. Nima is devastated and asks Suresh to call her.

Suresh attempts to tell his mother not to fix the wedding, but she demands that he stop trying to get involved. His mother refuses to let Amol pick up the phone. Suresh asks for 2 minutes. His mother is not interested in fixing this marriage. His mother tells him that the girl’s father was wealthy and that they will give him so many things. They will get us big TVs and other stuff.

Amol calls him. Suresh attempts to grab it but his mother won’t allow him. Suresh said that he would marry a girl if you don’t want me to. His mother makes a fake cry and tells him that she raised him here. I was offered to remarry, but I declined because I wanted to raise my children. I don’t feel loved anymore. Suresh claims it’s not like this. Payal’s father arrives and tells us that everything is in our favor. We’ll discuss it later. They go. Suresh watches.


Amol calls Suresh to ask how she got a proposal for marriage. Talk to your mother. It will all be fine. He sees Nima’s cooking and says, “You can stay there tonight. Talk to your mother.” Asha and I will care for Nima tonight. Suresh wants to know if he could talk to Nima. Amol replies that he would, but she is resting and is currently sleeping. Suresh agrees, let her rest. Ask her to wake up when she is awake. Amol agrees and closes the call. He smiles at Nima’s cooking.

Suresh’s mother advises him to get a wife as soon as possible so he can rest. Suresh says that he likes a girl and sits down with her. She asks her if she is a good person. He said yes. He says yes. He remembers Nima, and says yes. She asks her if she is from our cast and if she has large eyes. Is she rich? Suresh claims she is similar to us, but.. She said I knew there would be a BUT. Payal is my choice because her father’s wealth. Suresh promises me that he will meet up with my friends. His mother tells him that we will go to a movie together, and that you aren’t going anywhere. He has some buntings in the pocket. She asks him what it is. Suresh remembers how Nima gave the bunting to him. He is asked to place it on their front door. Suresh places it on the door and smiles.


Nima brings food to Amol. He begins to drink alcohol and offers it Nima. She replies that she doesn’t drink. Amol agrees. He asks her to dance with him. Nima glances away and asks if Suresh was there. Amol said that he doesn’t even pick up the phone and left you feeling like a trashcan. Your parents also left you. Nima weeps when she hears that. Amol takes her hand and tells her that he is here to help. Nima pushes him aside and tells Suresh to stay somewhere.

Amol grabs her hand and says, “Let me take care of your needs.” He attempts to mole her, but she resists and says that he is not in his right mind. Amol tells her to not act with him, I will do whatever I want. Asha comes into the house and molests him. Amol begins to act like Nima was harassing he. Amol claims that this girl tried to get on to him. Asha claims that I am correct, and it’s a good thing I was able to get an early start otherwise I wouldn’t have known the truth. She grabs Nima’s forehead and says Suresh isn’t enough for you. This filth is not needed in my home. She kicks Nima out.


Nima walks alone at night on the road. She is afraid and doesn’t know where to go. Suresh is calling Amol’s home but he isn’t picking up. Amol is not able to meet him, which makes him sad. Amol sits down on the street and weeps. She reminisces about her family and weeps. A man approaches her and asks if she is okay. Nima flees from there

Asha wakes up in the morning to find Nima asleep there. Asha shouts at her, asking why she came back. I said to you to get lost. Nima weeps and tells me that I’m just waiting for Suresh. I don’t have any contact with him. Let me meet Suresh once. Asha claims you can’t build a house. She drags Asha in the middle and says that she has no character, so why would Suresh return to you? He enjoyed his time. Did you know that Suresh married a nice girl? His mother fixed his marriage. You can just get lost, I won’t cut you if you come back. Nima is heard crying and leaving. Amol watches. Sureesh is at the market. He looks at the mandir and remembers how he used to pray with Nima.

Suresh visits Amol and Asha’s home, where he inquires about Nima. I brought clothes for her. Asha claims she has left the house. Suresh asks what does that mean? Amol said that it is.. Suresh said don’t worry me. Asha claims that you left a girl like that here. Yesterday, I returned home to find Nima charging at Amol. She was trying to seduce her. I was there. Suresh is right, you can’t talk like that about girls when you’re a woman.

She isn’t a girl, she is my Nima. Can’t you see the character of Amol? Amol is pushed away by him and he says, “I don’t know where Nima is.” He finds Nima’s jacket in his garage and he gets out of the house. While people call her, Nima looks for Suresh on the street. Another side, Suresh is also looking for Nima at the market. They are both passing each other. Nima crosses the road and is about to be hit by a vehicle.

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