Nima Denzongpa 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Nima Denzongpa 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist on

Episode 1: Suresh comes to Nima. He hugs her and she cries. Suresh consoles her, and apologizes for not being able to tell her about his friends. Nima said that she heard all of them say you’re getting married and the marriage has been set. If you don’t agree with me, then what kind love is this? Suresh watches Nima cry. Suresh offers water to Nima. She drinks water, and she gets up to go. Suresh takes out his earrings to propose to Nima. Nima agrees and wears her ring. Suresh said that you are deserving of a diamond ring, but I will give this one for now. Nima said that she loves it because of the pure emotion. Suresh makes Nima’s mood brightening. They get married immediately.

Suresh’s mother is watching TV while Suresh arrives and begins packing. Suresh tells his mother that he is always busy and doesn’t spend enough time with him. His mother requests an appraisal. His mother suddenly notices his earring missing and asks him questions. Suresh is shocked and believes it may have fallen. His mother takes issue with it, claiming it was made of gold. Suresh calms her down and walks away.

Suresh, Nima and their lawyer go to the registrar office to find out that the last marriage of the day has been completed. Although you need to make the bookings much earlier, the lawyer can still help if you have some cash. Suresh offers him money, and the lawyer sets a date after two days. Nima questions Suresh about what they can do until then. Suresh said that you took me to Sikkim and now it’s mine. They go on adventures and have fun. Suresh also buys clothes. Payal’s dad is confused when he sees Suresh and Nima.

Suresh’s mom is playing card with neighbors when suddenly, a dispute occurs. Payal’s father arrives just then and Suresh’s mom acts all right. He claims he would like Payal to marry early. Suresh’s mother is also in agreement, thinking about the wealth. Later, Suresh informs Nima that after marriage, they will travel to Sikkim to convince Nima’s parents to agree. Nima tells Suresh that we are in Mumbai, so first we need to convince your mom. Suresh is happy. He realizes that he hadn’t called his mom so he calls a PCO. Because of a disturbance in the network, Suresh’s mom is unable tell Suresh all about her wedding.

Payal’s parents arrive with shagun at night. Suresh’s mom looks at the shagun, and she becomes happy and greedy. Payal’s mother later tells her husband that he may have seen something wrong. They decide to wait. Suresh and Nima are married in court. They decide to return. They notice that the chawl has been beautifully decorated. Nima wonders if the chawl is related to Suresh and Payal, but Suresh consoles.


Payal’s dad spots Nima and takes Suresh to his parents. Suresh is stunned to learn that it’s his wedding. His Aai questions him and asks him to get dressed. Payal’s father brings Nima to the front of everyone asking who she is. Suresh rushes for her rescue. Payal’s father accuses Suresh of agreeing to false alliances while his son is interested in other girls. Suresh’s mom holds him close and Payal’s dad won’t allow Nima to go after them.

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