Nima Denzongpa 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Sunita taunting Nima. Suresh receives a call from his boss. He is worried about his job and fears he will be fired. Sunita believes that Nima’s third child brought bad luck to the home. Nima is sad. Suresh stops Sunita. Suresh goes back to work.

Nima enjoys spending time with her children and remembers her family. It is a difficult subject for her to think about. Nima is asked by one of her daughters what Tulika aunty should be called. Nima again gets sad. Nima is asked by another daughter when they can go to school. All her friends are going. Nima replies that she will speak to her dad. Both daughters pray that Suresh will bring good things. Nima is happy to see that.

Tulika, Sunita, and Sunita are the women’s callers and play cards. Sunita, Tulika, and Sunita cheat and use sign language to win. Sunita is again screamed at by the ladies for cheating. Nima cooks in the kitchen and watches all of this. Suresh suddenly appears and Sunita takes care of the ladies. Nima brings water to Suresh, which Tulika then takes and gives to Suresh. Suresh appears all nervous so Sunita, Sunita, and everyone start to worry. Suresh suddenly starts laughing and tells them about his promotion. Tulika claims that the new bride brought good luck to you. Sunita also lauds Tulika. Nima performs puja with sugar, and she gives sugar to everyone. Suresh feeds Nima first, while Tulika just hands the sugar to him. Tulika gets upset. Sunita and Tulika both say that they want more money. Nima sits there still.

Sunita later goes out, while Suresh invites Nima along. Tulika feels upset. Suresh takes Nima into her room and gives her money. He says that she and his daughters are his responsibility, and that they can also get his promotion. Tulika attempts to understand and see the situation. She sees all. Suresh also gives Nima a flower mala and sticks it in her hair. Both of them are close to Tulika when she falls. Suresh and Nima hear her.

Sunita is visited by Tulika, who tells Sunita why she brought her here. Sunita encourages her to use her charm, and that Suresh will soon have a baby. Tulika comes up with a solution and then goes. Suresh, Nima and Tulika go to bed with their daughters. Nima tells them how happy their daughters will be to see the school uniform. Tulika arrives and asks Suresh if he would like to go with her. Suresh leaves, and Tulika tells Nima to not wait because they will consummate their marriage today. Nima is sad.


Tulika takes Suresh to a hotel, and they consummate their union. One month passes. Suresh leaves for work, while Nima cooks. Sunita watches TV while Tulika cooks and tells Tulika that it’s been one month since their marriage. Tulika informs Sunita that she did everything possible, but Suresh isn’t interested.

Nima brings food. Tulika eats it, and vomits. Sunita scolds Nima. Sunita calls Suresh while she takes Tulika into the doctor. Suresh is all anxious when Tulika, Sunita, and Tulika arrive at home announcing that Tulika has given birth. Nima also wishes Nima well. Sunita requests Suresh to get close to Tulika. Suresh encourages everyone to eat sweets.

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