Nima Denzongpa 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Nima wakes up on the side road in the morning. Her small bag is gone, it was stolen. She searches everywhere for it. Sia said Mannu and me are hungry. A woman seller offers them fruits and asks Nima for work.

Sunita, who is in the house, tells Tulika that Nima was there and that I didn’t have to do anything.. Tulika stares at Sunita so Sunita replies that I think it’s great that the ill-fated are gone. Suresh arrives at the scene and tells her he will go to Sarla’s home and then to the station. I need my family back. I want Nima to come home. Tulika claims that you did what you did as a father. Nima is wrong, so she should apologize. Sarla arrives. Suresh questions where is Nima? Sarla claims that I was in Lonavala. Where is Nima, Sarla? Tulika claims that we have thrown them away. My son was thrown in the trash by Nima. Sarla asks Suresh, “Where is Nima?” Suresh remains silent. Sarla asks how you could do that? Your daughters were born to Nima, who gave everything for you. Do you think she could do this? I’ve seen her motherly love and she doesn’t have any bad bones. I can tell you the truth. You have a son now and you are showing the world your true colors. She spits on him and then leaves. Suresh is shocked and hurt.
Nima wanders around the market looking for work and is asking sellers to help her. Suresh is searching for Nima on the market. He meets a constable at the market and asks him for help in finding his wife. He said that if you throw her out, it’s not missing.
Nima approaches a tea seller to ask if he could do some work for her. My daughters are hungry. The seller said that if you are able to make tea, you will be able to help me. Nima is happy, and she starts to make tea at the stall.

Suresh is riding in the car with his actor boss. Suresh asks him about his daughters and Nima. Suresh says Nima is fine. They pass Nima’s stall by their car, but he doesn’t see her.

Nima makes tea at the stall, and some men eve-tease him. They scold her and give her money for her hard work. Nima is happy.

Nima is on the road. Sia wants to know when we will go home. Nima said that she had to show her something. They are given food she purchased. Mannu wants to know if they will sleep on the road. Nima said yes for a few days. Sia declares that we are happy here. Nima smiles.


Suresh returns home. Tulika asks Suresh to pick a saree that she will wear for Varun’s function. Suresh is stressed out and wants to know what function. Tulika promises that we will celebrate our son’s birthday. Suresh screams that I’m unable to find Nima or my daughters while you think of partying. Tulika weeps and says that she married you while you had 3 daughters. I also gave you a son, and now I’m being scolded. I’m leaving the house. She leaves the house and goes with her son to her brother’s.

Sunita takes Suresh to Tulika’s brother’s house. Tulika is sorry and he asks for her forgiveness. Tulika said that she wants to host a Varun party tomorrow. Suresh agrees that I will organize a party.


Nima works at the tea stall. After cleaning the streets, she sees an elderly woman who is tired. Nima offers her tea for free. Mannu is having fun on the road. Mannu sees a bus, and she decides to hide from Sia by going inside. Nima does not see the bus. The bus leaves. Nima asks Sia, where is Mannu? Sia claims she hid somewhere. Nima looks around for Sia.

Sunita and Tulika are getting ready to go. Suresh is asking people to pray for Nima. Tulika is furious at him. Sunita is told by her that Nima has entrapped his brain. Sunita tells Sunita that the useless woman is gone, so give Suresh some time and he will soon forget about her. Have patience. Tulika believes you are correct, but you bore me.


Nima is searching for Mannu in the market. Nima becomes worried and calls a constable. She weeps and asks for help to find her daughter. He requests a photograph. She replies that I don’t have her picture, but she is a doll. She smiles pretty. She is asked by the policeman to provide her number. Nima states that she doesn’t own a telephone. He asks her for a number so they can contact her. Nima reluctantly gives Suresh her number.

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