Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode begins with Professor loses his consciousness. Gehna gets worried for him and splashes water on his face but no response from him. She calls Sapan and others. Sapan examines Professor. Praful asks Gehna that what happened. She tells him that while talking Professor lost his consciousness. Sapan tells Desai’s that sugar level dropped in blood that’s Professor fainted and Professor needs rest and have to eat well too. Professor regains his consciousness and tells Desai’s that he is fine now so he should leave. Praful asks him to stay for tonight. Jamuna asks Professor to give chance to them to take care of him. Professor agrees to stay. Hema thinks that it’s not a house anymore that’s why first Krishna then Radhika and now Professor end up staying in Desai house.

On the other hand, Sagar gives one bag to Kanak and Radhika and asks them to keep that in Desai house and it’s their 4th partner’s order. Kanak notices the lock in the bag and asks him that what’s there in the bag. He tells her that she need not to know about it. Radhika tells him that without knowing the details they won’t do anything.

Kanak tells him that they are not his servants to follow his orders. He tells her that they don’t have any other choice than listening him. She asks him that is he threatening them. He shows the video of Radhika joining hands with her and him. Kanak and Radhika shocks seeing that video. Kanak takes the bag and Sagar gives money to her. She wonders that how he has this much money and realises that his plan is dangerous one for sure.

Meanwhile Gehna asks Praful that what he wanted to tell to Anant. He tells her about his abduction and also about the threat of Sagar’s partner. She shocks hearing him and asks him about the threat. He is about to tell about Anant’s job but changes his decision thinking that he can’t reveal about it to her. He asks her to not tell Anant about all this because he is worried about his job already. She asks him to not leave the house until Police catches Sagar. He nods at her.

Gehna thinks that Sagar’s partner would have helped Sagar to escape from jail. She collides with Professor and he drops his medicine. He tells her that it’s his important medicine and he goes to room to get some rest. She decides to buy that medicine for him and goes to the medical shop. She learns that, that’s just a vitamin supplements and wonders that why Professor lied to her about medicine. She sees Radhika and Kanak with bag.

Later, Radhika keeps the bag in the cupboard. Gehna sees that. She notices that Kanak coming that way so she hides. Kanak asks Radhika about the bag and Radhika shows the bag to her and they leaves from there. Then she shocks seeing Professor with the bag.

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