Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode starts with Jamuna and Praful walking out of the room wearing their outfits. Paresh welcomes them and inquires about their decorations. Jamuna praises it. Everyone waits for Anant or Gehna, and then they come in their outfits. Jamuna is told by Paresh that their house today looks like Vrindavan. Hema is amused by Kanak’s outfit and the latter stares at her. Pest control personnel visit the prison, and one of them gives Sagar the mask saying that he will need it later. Sagar accepts the mask and praises Kanak’s idea in his head.

Radhika compliments Kanak. Kanak questions Radhika about Kanak’s plans for today. Radhika says that she sees the latter in many ways and never does her own plan. Kanak believes that she will carry out her plan today. Gehna looks at them together and wonders what they are planning to do. Radhika departs there, and Gehna follows. Radhika meets one. Gehna sees Radhika’s shadow and moves towards her. Krishna grabs her from there. Radhika smiles at the sword.

Krishna starts the play by telling God Krishna’s birth story. Gehna believes that Radhika saw Radhika with someone, which shows that Radhika is planning to do something with their help. She worries about Desai’s. Anant arrives. He tells her that Radhika is making her feel bad so she should be cautious. He informs her that Radhika will not be able do anything today because it is Krishna Janmashtami. He says that he can see Radha within her. He makes her shy when she hears him. Tiya arrives and teases them, asking them to continue their date.

Radhika enters the area where the playthings are kept. She tells herself that Desai will use the original sword today. Gehna doesn’t know what’s happening with them, and that it’s her last attack against them. Gehna decides to play with the plan and goes to find Radhika. Radhika takes the sword off and runs.

Jailer asks pest control personnel to take off the mask and reveal their faces. Everyone takes it off. He asks Sagar for help, but he eludes the room and laughs that he is now free. Gehna enters the room, finds no one in the area and takes the pot. Radhika observes the play and joins in with others. Krishna tells God Krishna’s story.


Sagar, on the other hand calls Kanak and informs him that he has escaped from prison. He informs her that he will not leave Desai’s prison no matter what. He tells her that now is the time for the real fun. He hears Police jeep siren’s sound. He hears the siren and she warns him not to get caught by police again.

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