Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode begins when Jamuna informs Anant about Tiya’s and Hiral’s absence from shopping. Gehna informs her that they are on their way and arranges the ‘aarti plate’. Radhika questions Gehna if she is doing well. Gehna assures Radhika that she will not fall for her trap. Radhika reminds Radhika that she had already said that she wouldn’t let them celebrate “Raksha Bandhan” so the latter saved their brothers. She observes the expression of Radhika and asks her to ignore it and call Hiral or Tiya.

Gehna is still silent. Radhika calls Tiya, and turns on the speaker for her mobile. Gehna is worried when they hear Tiya’s scream. Gehna questions Radhika about the actions of Hiral and Tiya. Radhika informs Gehna that it won’t make her feel good if she tells Radhika everything right away. Anant is told by Gehna about Tiya and Hiral. Radhika asks Anant where are his sisters. She tells him not to waste his time.

Hema and Kanak visit the site and learn about Tiya’s disappearance. Gehna asks Hema for help in taking her to the spot where Tiya left the former. Radhika’s goons lock Tiya and Hiral inside the godown. The girls scream for help as they struggle to breathe and are entrapped by the goons. Gehna recalls hearing the temple bell ringing while she was talking to Tiya. She tells Anant about it. Hema asks her to come home, and she heads for the temple with Anant & Paresh.

Radhika informs Desai that she knows they are cursing Radhika now. She urges them to pray for Hiral’s and Tiya’s safety, rather than cursing Radhika. Praful warns her to not leave her if anything happens. Jamuna requests him to be calm.

Gehna, Anant, and Paresh reach temple area and search Hiral and Tiya. Gehna hears a coughing sound and tells Anant about it. Anant opens the door, and Gehna saves Hiral & Tiya. They take Hiral and Tiya into the hospital to check their condition. Jamuna is worried about her daughters. Praful consoles her. Anant, Gehna takes Hiral and Tiya home. Anant is ready to shout at Radhika, but Gehna stops him. He is asked to celebrate “Raksha Bandhan” because it’s more important right now.


Tiya informs them that she shouldn’t have gone shopping, and she regrets spoiling their mood. Gehna requests them to forget all. Hiral and Tiya tie ‘Rakhi to her brothers. Gehna is told by Hiral that she is now safe due to the latter. She ties ‘Rakhi’ to her and thanks her for saving her life. Gehna is told by Pankaj that the latter protects them all and everyone ties Gehna ‘Rakhi. Radhika is furious. Gehna becomes emotional and mocks Radhika because she failed in her attempt.

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