Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Gehna tells Radhika she can do anything she wants, but that she cannot break Radhika’s hearts. To show their strength, Desai and Radhika hold hands to each other. Kanak is downstairs and witnesses this. Radhika strikes Hema, and Hema takes Hiral’s hand. Gehna mocks her and says she will serve food to her if she finishes her family drama. Praful informs Gehna, that Radhika hurt Hiral and Tiya today. They should complain to the Police station. Gehna informs Praful that Radhika is capable of handling her own affairs and will use Radhika’s methods against Radhika.

Radhika questions Gehna about why no one has ever come to have food. Gehna assures Radhika that they will soon have food and then serves her food. Radhika mocks her and begins to eat. Gehna informs Radhika that she had put poison in her food. Radhika is shocked to hear her say this and is about to drink water. Gehna grabs the water glass and takes it. Radhika panicks, and she tries to flee from there.

Gehna drags Radhika and ties her to a chair. Radhika feels dizzy, and Gehna sprays water on her face. She asks her to untie herself. Gehna gives a lecture on unity and informs her that Desai’s can’t defeat them. Everyone goes there. Radhika threatens Radhika to call the Police. Gehna says she didn’t mix poison. She requests Gehna to refrain from using domestic violence against them as it’s such sensitive material.

She encourages her to be diligent while she lives in the house, and unties her. Pankaj and Chetan laud Gehna for teaching Radhika a lesson. Radhika drinks water, throws a plate at Gehna, but Krishna grabs it and throws it at Radhika. Radhika accuses him of attacking her. He warns Radhika and asks her not to hurt Gehna. Paresh informs him that this will do for today. They leave there. Radhika questions Kanak about Krishna. Kanak informs Radhika that he is the furture son-in-law of Desai.

Gehna later hears Anant say that he did not see this particular face. He tells her that it was necessary to show Radhika his place. He is going to be joining the office tomorrow, so she asks him not to think about all of that. It’s a very prestigious job, he tells her. Anant is asked to quit his job by someone. Anant is puzzled as to who made the threatening call.


The next day, Anant confesses his feelings to Gehna. He searches for her. Paresh teases Anant. Gehna arrives and informs Anant that he’s getting late for work. Paresh is scolded by her for eating sweets. Anant’s bedroom is invaded by a camera and the person who escaped flees. Gehna informs Anant that it seems like someone has entered their room. He recalls the call yesterday and goes through his room looking for the camera. Gehna locates the camera and shows it off to Anant. Anant examines his presentation and confirms that someone had used it.

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