Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Anant is scolding Radhika about using his laptop. She claims she hasn’t touched his laptop. Radhika knows he will not believe her. He asks Jamuna to confirm that she’s sitting on the lawn for a long time. He says that she is lying. Jamuna tells him Radhika is telling the truth. Radhika informs Anant that Radhika isn’t interested in his work, and that she is doing it for the reasons she came. Anant suspects Kanak. Hema says that Kanak was only with her. Kanak tells Anant that Kanak was with her only.

Gehna spots a timer on Anant’s laptop. She is suspicious and grabs the laptop from Anant. He stops her and asks what she is doing. One person watches everything and begins counting. Gehna throws the computer and informs Anant of the timer. Anant approaches the laptop to grab it, but it explodes and he tumbles. Everyone is worried about Anant and brings him in. Gehna tells Anant to forget about him, as the blast was not that severe.

Praful questions Anant about the incident. Gehna looks at Radhika. Radhika requests them not to blame her for being innocent. Gehna informs Radhika that she is certain that Anant was not the victim because the culprit only wanted to ruin Anant’s work. Anant tells the police and few officers that he was there. He requests them to remove him. He is told that they will make that decision later.

Radhika and Kanak are questioned by police. Anant is then fired by the officers. Desai becomes worried. Radhika and Kanak smile. Anant recalls how officers told him that they would lie to him in front his family, and that he should continue working on the project secretly. The officers and police are about to leave, but they collide with Krishna. Krishna lost the gun. The inspector from the police asks about the gun. Krishna says that it’s a fake gun. Desai’s is told by a police inspector that they will continue to watch their actions and leave from there.

Jamuna is worried about Anant. Anant believes that he cannot tell anyone that his job wasn’t lost. Gehna consoles her. Radhika later scolds Gehna about the laptop explosion. She warns Gehna to stop doing that again. Gehna makes her clean the floor. She assures her that Anant will not be disturbed by the situation. Anant arrives at the scene and takes Gehna with him. Anant tells Gehna that she suspects Radhika, and that she cannot live without him. He then tells her that he can’t live with her, and then he diverts the conversation. She speaks about “Krishna Janmashta.”

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