Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Kanak praises Sagar and says that Desai’s will never find out who their pawn is. Radhika discovers that Anant is planning to propose Gehna to Radhika and decides not to stop him. Sagar questions Kanak when he will be released from prison. He asks her when that will be. She reminds him it’s Krishna Janmashtami tomorrow. Desai, on the other hand plans to perform a skit in celebration of Krishna Janmashtami. Krishna teases them by saying that he didn’t know that Desai was so famous that they were planning a skit to honor him. Tiya assures him it is for God Krishna.

Jamuna tells Anant, Gehna and Radha to be Krishna and Radha. Others get their characters as well. Krishna requests Kanak to perform but she declines. He tells Kanak that she should perform. He tells her that she doesn’t care about his play or the moves he makes. Radhika makes Kanak participate. Kanak informs Desai’s about how they force Kanak to participate. Kanak also gets Kans character.

Anant proposes Gehna. He waits on Gehna in the grass while he writes a letter. Gehna arrives and is captivated by her beauty. He asks her what’s all the fuss about. He says he has something to say. He nods. He turns and tells Radhika that she used to be his responsibility, but now she is his. He is feeling like he was in love for the first time and doesn’t know how to propose.

Radhika accepts the rose from him. He questions Radhika about Gehna’s whereabouts and asks what the former is doing. He tells her that he proposed to her today, even though he used another name. Gehna is found by him as he runs away. He tells her that he saw someone there, and that he is certain that that is the person responsible for the explosion. He realizes she didn’t listen to his proposal and becomes upset. He asks her what he was saying a few moments ago. He compliments her, and she thanks him. He feels that Radhika has ruined his efforts. He says that everything is fine. He says he was just thinking about it because it was his first play. He tells her that they will do well together.

Hema practices for the play. Krishna requests her to only practice her dialogues and not those of others. Anant and Gehna arrive there. Krishna gives them the dialogues. Anant tells Krishna the dialogues, and Gehna becomes emotional listening to him tell her the dialogues. Everyone cheers and claps to their performances. Anant informs Gehna that there is something he can say to her. Jamuna then takes Gehna. Anant proposes Gehna on the stage.


Gehna questions Radhika about Radhika’s silence. Radhika asks Radhika to keep her focus on the play, otherwise, something might happen on stage. Gehna wants to know Tiya’s thoughts on Krishna. Tiya says that he is a good man, but she needs to take time to think. Kanak calls someone to tell them that Sagar should be released today.

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