Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Anant wakes up to find Gehna in his kitchen. He tells her what he wants. He told her that he was only searching for her. He is told to get up and go to Desai’s for coffee. He receives a call from an interviewer. He examines his mail and sees that the applications were sent from his mailbox only. He wonders if Gehna might have sent them. Gehna asks him why he applied for the job. He nods and she tells him that he’s talented and will be offered many jobs. He is moved by her words. He believes he already has a job and that it’s a secret mission. That’s why he can not tell her anything. He tells her not to miss her classes and to prepare for college.

Gehna waits to be driven to college by an auto. One man follows her, and he takes off his helmet to reveal that it is Krishna. He is beaten by her for scaring him. Anant promises her that he will take her to college. He believes that Sagar has escaped from prison and will attempt to attack her, so he won’t take any risks. He leaves her at the college and promises to stay with her until the lecture starts. He walks aside and picks the call. Gehna is asked a few questions by the girls about Anant. She tells them he is her husband. The lecturer appears and shouts at students for wasting their precious time.

Gehna is afraid of him. He asks Gehna what she is doing outside. Anant replies on her behalf. Lecturer discovers that Anant Gehna is her husband. He scolds him and then he goes in. Gehna is told by Anant that he will pick her up later. He tells her that he will not come to pick her up later. He promises to come, and asks her to stay with him. Gehna is scoffed by the lecturer for not coming to her class. He apologizes and she leaves. Sagar arrives there.


Gehna then takes a taxi to Desai mansion. Anant calls Gehna asking if her classes are over. She answers the phone and tells him not to worry that she is already on her way home. He mocks her for not staying. She observes the taxi driver’s mistake and asks him to stop his car. Anant hears her, and asks what happened.

Gehna is a victim of a few goons. Anant realizes Gehna’s danger and flees the house to rescue her. Gehna attempts to flee from the goons. Anant arrives and defeats the goons. Lecturer saves Anant when a goon attempts to attack him from behind. Anant questions one of the goons about their origins.

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