Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 1st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode begins with Virat telling Saumya that she should leave Parmeet. Harman is told by Virat to get out of Sant’s neck. Harman states that Virat will learn the truth when he has it. He won’t spare his family. Virat intervenes and stops Harman attacking Sant. He tells him to stay away from his family. Harman urges him to leave. Virat learns from Saumya that Heer was killed by his parents and brother. They are murderers. Virat is shocked to hear this. Virat is shocked to hear that Saumya has started crying and said to Virat, “They killed your love.” Virat asks Sant about Saumya’s conversation. Sant is scared.

Preeto attempts to light the diya, but Harak shuts the door. Harak and Preeto light the diya, and Harak tells Harak to relax. Preeto declares that something is wrong. Sant begins his acting and tells Virat to not trust Saumya or Harman. Heer is still alive and he’s looking for her. Parmeet questions Virat if he believes his parents can murder someone. Sant claims that he filed a case against Daljeet, and that he is a DSP so he cannot commit such a crime. This is against his principle. Virat should also trust them, and there is no evidence to support that.

Saumya claims that your evidence Kareena revealed everything to us before she died. She claimed that she knew all the names of Heer’s murderers and I can trust her. Daljeet interrupts to say that he is already being framed, and Saumya wants him to be proven a murderer as well. He claims that Heer was a part of their family, and Virat loved him too. They never considered killing her, even though she was against them. Parmeet falsely swears to God and claims they didn’t murder Heer. Harman claims that you have some shame. You don’t even fear God.

Virat tells Harman to shut up and that Heer is still alive. They don’t have to blame the family for this. Saumya claims Heer will not come back. She knows the truth, and she will now punish Heer’s killers. Saumya claims that Heer wanted a peaceful life with her husband and her in-laws. But they wouldn’t allow her to live happily. She was a vocal opponent of a criminal and they killed her.

Saumya says that Virat will try to stop her, and she will also consider him her enemy. Virat’s family will be behind bars if she doesn’t stop. Justice will be served. Harman claims he will return soon to take revenge for Heer’s death. Harman and Saumya leave this house.


Virat asks his family why Saumya says that they killed Heer. What happened to Heer? Virat is confused and asks Daljeet if anyone has any information. He asks Daljeet whether he has ever hurt Heer. Daljeet begins his drama by saying that he doesn’t know where Heer is. Virat claims that Saumya is not a child and Harman is not a child. Saumya’s intuition regarding Heer is unshakeable. Virat claims that no proof has been found, but Daljeet should be able to tell the truth. Virat asks Gurwindar for the truth, if he has any idea.

Virat said that he trusts Virat so much in this home and that she shouldn’t hide anything from him. She understands how important Heer to him. Parmeet believes Gurwindar will expose them. Gurwindar is about the reveal the truth, but Parmeet interrupts and says that Virat may not believe her. She can prove their innocence one way. Parmeet claims Virat trusts Kareena’s accusations before she dies. Parmeet walks into the kitchen and grabs one knife. Parmeet says she will kill her self and will tell Virat that they didn’t harm Heer. Virat is shocked at her statement and advises her to not take the step.


Saumya and Harman go to the commissioner. The latter tells them that Heer’s body has not been found yet, and without any evidence or proof it will not be easy to indict the perpetrators. Harman is advised to avoid the subject or he could get in trouble. Without proof, law cannot take action. Saumya believes she will do justice to Heer her way. Preeto repeatedly calls Harman, but he doesn’t return her call. Preeto becomes anxious and wonders why he isn’t answering her calls.

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