Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist on

Virat tells inspector that he won’t leave Kareena unattended. Heer can’t reach her again, and anyone can hurt her again. Preeto arranges for Janmashtami festival. Saumya is not able to recognize Chintu when he arrives. Preeto claims he is Chintu. Saumya recalls Chintu’s smiles and memories. Chintu reaches down to grab his phone, and Saumya believes he is touching her foot. Saumya stops Chintu from doing this. Chintu claims he wasn’t taking blessings from her, but was actually picking up his phone. She was misunderstood. Harman is furious when he calls her by her first name. He begs Harman to behave but Chintu tells him to be grateful that he is throwing him out of his house.

Saumya stops Harman attacking Chintu. She politely informs Chintu they are his family. Chintu questions what kind of family. I’m not the Chintu kid anymore. Harman used to call Chota Charge. He accuses Saumya, who he claims killed his father to make money. Harman claims that if Saumya insults him again, he will not spare him. Chintu claims he is now the owner of the house, so everyone will obey his orders only. Chintu inquires about Raavi, and then he goes to meet her. He notices a vase, and he breaks it. He claims that he only destroys things he doesn’t like. They should be aware of his choices. He goes.

Saumya asks Harman to keep his calm, as Chintu has recently lost his father. He has since returned. Balwindar must have brainwashed them. Harman claims they are already disturbed, and Chintu will only make matters worse. Saumya said they should give Chintu time to get on with their lives. Raavi will help him see that they are right. Preeto helps Saumya, and tells Harman that he should give Chintu time. Chintu goes into Raavi’s bedroom and finds her in trauma. Raavi is unable to speak and Chintu attempts to communicate with her. He hugges her and weeps.

The police force departs the hospital, claiming they received orders from headquarters that they must leave immediately to increase security for the Janmashtami festival. Virat then asks them what will happen to Kareena. They tell Virat to stay with Kareena. Virat calls Sant, and Parmeet gets it. She tells Sant that he can’t answer the call at this time. Virat is very worried so he made arrangements for puja. Virat is told by her to attend the Puja, but Virat insists he cannot come because he must stay with Kareena.

Saumya meets Raavi and Chintu, and they are happy. Chintu questions her about what she is doing here. Your lecture is too boring for me. Saumya claims she understands why he is mad, but he shouldn’t make a desperate decision based on that. He should wait until Raavi regains her senses before he makes any drastic decisions. He will then be able to come up with a conclusion. Chintu shouts at Saumya, and asks her what happened to my mother. What is the point of her being in such a predicament? Saumya tells him the story and explains why she shot Balwindar. Raavi also loved her, which is why she is traumatized. She will soon feel better.


Chintu shatters a vase out of anger and tells you to stop the drama. This is your fake story, which you told police to protect your family. Saumya claims she was aware that Chintu would not allow her to meet Raavi, so she came to Raavi’s house to inform him about Raavi’s medicines. She believes Chintu shouldn’t hurt his family because of misunderstandings. Virat calls Saumya and tells Chintu that he should wait. Virat informs Chintu that security has been removed and Parmeet has called him to come to the Puja. He requests Saumya to join him. Saumya promises to come with Harman and Kareena, but Virat will not leave her until then. Kareena must live so that Heer can provide information to her.

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