Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Harman and the constables chase the killer. The killer hides in a large barrel. Harman is unable to find him. Daljeet is informed by Killer that he could not kill Kareena. However, she is still alive and can tell the truth about Heer. Killer disappears. Daljeet takes his phone and tells Sant Parmeet. Gurwindar hears all of it.

Saumya is told by Kareena that Heer was kidnapped on that day. FB shows Gitu and her dad being kidnapped. Heer follows them, and eventually finds them in a down. She enters the room and begins recording the event on her phone. She falls to the ground after bumping into something. Daljeet orders his men to look and Heer hides someplace. The phone is found in a box. Kareena is shocked and heer fimds Kareena. Kareena smiles at him and begins clapping. She called all the goons, and said Saumya loved Heer so it would be easier for her defeat Saumya by kidnapping Heer. Heer is tearful when she sees Gitu.

Daljeet welcomes her. Heer claims he doesn’t have any shame. Heer molest Gitu first, and now he lies to his family. After learning the truth, Virat will cut all ties with him. Daljeet claims that if Heer had stopped her so-called justice war, she would have been saved. Which do you believe you are? Heer claims that your parents support you because they don’t know the truth. Heer is shocked to see Daljeet’s parents. She says, “Now you have proof that Daljeet was the molestor.” Parmeet slaps Heer, and asks why she has ruined their reputations by revealing her identity to the public.

Heer claims she did not do anything similar. Daljeet must have planned to kill her. Daljeet smiles. Parmeet claims that Heer is a liar and she only wants to destroy Virat’s family. Heer explained that Daljeet was the culprit, and they now know his truth. He deserves to be punished for his inhumanity. Sant claims he is aware of Daljeet’s mistakes, but that he cannot afford to lose his son. He was forgiving him. Sant is told by Heer that you also have a child and didn’t consider Gitu’s father. Sant said that Virat will leave the house if he learns the truth. This is something that should never happen. Parmeet claims they will end Gitu’s chapter before anyone else comes.

Heer asks how Parmeet can support Kareena, and then try to kill Gitu. It will not benefit her. Heer urges them to leave Gitu. Heer urges them to not harm Gitu as Daljeet fires a gun at her. Heer said, “Hail me, but don’t kill Gitu.” Parmeet replies that they will not do anything to Gitu, but Parmeet must return Virat to Heer forever. Gitu tells Heer to refuse the condition. Heer tells Heer that she will leave Virat.


Parmeet tells Heer that she wrote a fake letter to Virat, stating that she supported Gitu despite the fact she had falsely accused Daljeet. Parmeet will tell Heer what she wrote and she will tell Virat that her family insulted her and that she is leaving her family forever. He won’t even try to find her. Heer is shocked to learn all this.

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