Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Parmeet tells Heer to send a fake letter to Virat, stating that she is leaving him. He won’t even try to find her. Gitu advises Heer to not do this, but the latter accepts. While writing the letter, she gets emotional. These flashbacks of Virat and Heer are displayed. Parmeet smiles at Heer as he hands the letter to him. Heer attempts to leave Gitu, but Parmeet tells Parmeet that the goons will tie Heer with rope. Heer shouts at Parmeet that she betrayed her, and that she broke her promise to Gitu. She claims she was ready to leave Virat, then why are they not releasing Gitu.

Daljeet orders his men to slow down and then slaps Gitu. Her father begs him to not shoot Gitu. Gitu is killed when Daljeet shoots at her. Gitu’s dad breaks down in tears, and Sant also shoots him. Both Sant and Daljeet start smiling. Heer shouts at them, saying “What did they do?” They can’t kill two innocent people. Heer is held by Daljeet at gunpoint, and Heer tells him that she will not spare them because they are devils. Virat is supportive of his family and trusts them, but he doesn’t know their true colors. She says she will expose them all in front of everyone. They will be punished.

Parmeet believes that Heer is a curse who entered Virat’s world and destroyed everything. Heer was not her favorite from the beginning. Later, she got scared of Heer’s true identity. It happened and it is over. Parmeet claims Heer crossed all boundaries and she must pay the price. Heer replied to her, “I wish you could understand that the kinnar is also a human.” She would have been proud of her son for loving a Kinnar, but it didn’t happen. Parmeet didn’t see that Heer was a good daughter-in-law and cared for Virat’s happiness. Parmeet never saw her strengths, but she always criticized her for her identity. Heer says that her family is there for her.

Harman and Saumya will support her always and not forget those who have hurt her. Virat’s unconditional love and blessings will always be with her. Heer reminisces about her time with her family. Parmeet said that a kinnar is a person who claps and begs for money. They don’t like the love word. Parmeet promises to punish Heer for making their life miserable. She brings one rod, and she hits Heer with it. Heer is unconscious. Her head is covered in blood. Kareena smiles. Sant orders his men hide the bodies of three people. FB ends. Harman and Saumya are stunned to hear all that Kareena has to say.

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