Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Sant tells his men to hide three bodies. Kareena is loud and claims that Saumya, Heer and Heer have never understood that a Kinnar cannot become a woman. They acted against the natural order of things and were punished. FB is over. Saumya is left speechless. Harman is also shocked to hear the news. He claims that this is not true. He repeatedly asks Kareena if she is lying. Kareena said that she wished this were a lie. It’s not. Virat’s family kills Heer. Harman weeps and tells Virat that he has just seen his daughter after so many decades and that she is now gone. He cannot believe that Heer has died. Virat lies unconscious. Kareena begs forgiveness and then dies. Doctor declares she is dead. Harman sees Saumya, and asks her to speak up. Harman takes Saumya outside. Harman stops her from falling. He encourages her to speak. Saumya is told by him that Heer is not real. Saumya screams and recalls all her Heer memories. She is devastated and sat down. Harman consoles her.

Virat becomes conscious and discovers that Kareena has died. He asks how he will find out the whereabouts of Heer. Doctor believes Saumya may have some information as she spoke to Kareena last night. Virat meets Saumya, but the latter informs Harman that although she cannot be broken right now, she must gather her strength to punish Heer and his murderers. Virat fails to capture them and Saumya goes with Harman.

Daljeet hears from the ward boy about Kareena’s death and happily shares the information with Sant, Parmeet, and the rest of the family. Sant claims that if Kareena had told the truth before her death, no one would believe it because there is no proof. Virat won’t believe that. They are relaxed. Harman and Saumya enter their home angrily. Saumya turns towards Parmeet, and gives her a hard slap. Saumya is stopped by Daljeet, but Harman beats her up. Saumya declares that she will burn down the house. Parmeet is held tightly by Saumya. Harman labels Daljeet fake, a cheater who murdered Heer with shamelessness. Gurwindar is shocked to learn that Heer was killed. Harman promises that he will not leave them. He defeats Daljeet, but Sant stops him. Harman and Sant engage in a fight. Sant refuses the idea that Heer was killed because there is no evidence. Harman claims that you are innocent, but criminal under law.


Preeto feels bad and prays to God. Wind blows Diya out. Preeto is scared and calls Harak. Chintu calls Preeto a dramatic person and is ready to stop her, but Harak tells her not to.

Parmeet asks how Saumya Harman and Harman can attack the family of a police officer. They haven’t done anything. There is no proof. Saumya claims that you destroyed the proof in order to protect your criminal son. Kareena took your names and I’ll place you behind bars for murdering Heer. Parmeet claims Heer is a coward and has disappeared. After falsely accusing Daljeet, she left Virat and sent him a letter. Saumya loses control and chokes Parmeet. Parmeet is told not to tell another lie by her. Virat arrives at that moment and calls Saumya.

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