Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Gurwindar asks Virat where he will find Heer. She is dead. Gurwindar says that Virat will dedicate his entire life to finding Heer and they must not allow him to remain in darkness. They must tell him the truth before it is too late. Virat was also in depression last time Heer left. If they love Virat, they should do it again.

Daljeet claims he should have also killed Gurwindar. She speaks before thinking. They can’t tell Virat they killed Heer. He later says that Virat will forget Heer after a few days and that he will believe she has left him for good. Sant goes to work. Saumya calls Parmeet. Saumya tells Parmeet that she will snatch her freedom. Parmeet’s entire family will be kidnapped like Heer. Parmeet is threatened by her and she cuts the phone. Parmeet is scared and tells Daljeet about Saumya’s threats.

Daljeet says they should first kidnap the most vulnerable. Parmeet believes Saumya, Harman will not touch Sant or Virat. Gurwindar will become their easy target. Parmeet tells Daljeet that Gurwindar should be contacted immediately. Gurwindar arrives and Parmeet believes that Saumya was talking to whom if Gurwindar has arrived.

Parmeet calls Sant to tell him to return home because Saumya has threatened her. Sant claims they won’t touch me. Sant and the constable notice that the door is locked. Constable arrives to move the tree. Harman knocks him unconscious. Sant gets shocked seeing him. Harman comes out to ask him how he could attack Police. Sant tells Harman to stop. Harman fires his gun at him, but Saumya strikes his hand and the gun drops to the ground. Sant claims they will be responsible for the attack on a DSP. Saumya claims she will take revenge on Heer’s death and finds nothing wrong with it. Harman claims that everyone loves their lives, but Sant didn’t hesitate to murder Heer in order to be punished. He beats Sant, and makes him unconscious.

Virat stops at a bus stop to search for Heer and shows her his photo. He spots one CCTV. Sant looks up and sees a godown. He gets stunned seeing funeral ingredients. He claims he did not do anything. Sant is scared. Saumya states that if they do wrong and Heer is convicted, then they will be ready to take it.


Virat asks the salesman for the footage. He begins to see it. Harman walks towards Sant, carrying a rod. The latter pleads for his release. Harman recalls Heer’s moments. Saumya leaves the Heer phone recording aside and performs the Puja. Harman strikes Sant with a rod, and he becomes unconscious. Parmeet is shocked when she sees Sant’s video on her phone. She begins to cry when Daljeet tells her that Sant is DSP. Then how can Saumya kidnap this man?

Virat arrives, and says that he saw the footage. Heer wasn’t at the bus stop. Instead, that person was sent by someone trying to trap Heer with fake information. Virat questions about Sant and Parmeet, then screams. Virat is shown the video by her. She says that Saumya Harman and Harman had killed your father because they couldn’t find any evidence against us. Virat stands shocked.


Preeto is paralysed and unable to stand in front of God. Saumya and Harman arrive and Saumya claims that Heer began getting her justice. Preeto cries. Chintu watches them from the second floor. Harak questions Harman about why he killed Sant, and violated the law rules. Harman claims he had no choice. Saumya claims they knew the murderers and so killed Harman. Virat rushes to Harman’s home in an act of anger. Harman and Saumya are shouted at by Virat. He shows them Sant’s video and asks, “What is this?” They killed his father. Chintu claims Saumya is a serial killer because she killed Balwindar, then Sant. Virat requests Harman to tell Harman that she didn’t kill her father.

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