Udaariyaan 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Udaariyaan 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist on thetellyupdates.com

The episode begins with Tejo yelling at Jasmine about her pregnancy. Jasmine is shocked. She questions Fateh about this. Tejo replies that no one knows this and she told Jasmine first. Tejo is thrilled to share the good news with her family and Fateh. Tejo questions Jasmine about why she isn’t happy and she replies that she is not happy. Jasmine says she is very happy and doesn’t know how to reat.

Jasmine hugs Tejo congratulating her. Tejo would like to inform Fateh by calling, but Jasmine stops Tejo and tells her that it is not appropriate for her to inform such a large news via phone calls. Tejo claims that she is right and will inform Fateh by meeting Fateh so she can witness his joy hearing the news. Jasmine calls Tejo to confirm her pregnancy. Tejo claims that she checked in her pregnancy kit and it was positive.

Jasmine claims that they don’t trust the pregnancy test kit. She tells a story about a similar incident with her friend’s sister. The pregnancy kit showed positive, but was later denied by the doctor. Before telling Fateh, Tejo should verify her pregnancy with a doctor. Tejo agrees, and asks Jasmine to join her. Jasmine agrees. Jasmine and Tejo are both on their way. Tejo is awestruck by the children playing in the streets.

Fateh calls Tejo when she returns home. Gurpreet informs Fateh that Tejo has not returned yet. She also tells Fateh to contact Tejo and ask if she’s still with Buzo. Fateh tells her that she has started over. Fateh calls Tejo. Tejo is so excited that she doesn’t hear Fateh calling. Jasmine is then called by Fateh. He doesn’t call Jasmine. She believes that Fateh tried to cheat her. However, she won’t leave Fateh if Tejo really is pregnant. Fateh is puzzled as to why Jasmine and Tejo aren’t answering his call. He isn’t sure if they are together. Amrik arrives there.

Fateh questions Amrik about Tejo’s location. Amrik replies that he does not know. Amrik recalls Nimmo’s words and tells him that Jasmine doesn’t answer his calls, and she’s not at the college. Amrik wants to know where she is. Fateh replies that he doesn’t know and doesn’t talk to her. He walks away.


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Jasmine, at the hospital wonders why Fateh has lied to them. She wonders if Tejo is actually pregnant. Just then Fateh arrives looking for Tejo. Jasmine asks him what he’s doing. Jasmine says she was there with Tejo. Jasmine is told by Fateh that they have ended all things. He is going to meet Tejo and apologizes.

Jasmine is shocked. It turns out that Jasmine was dreaming. Fateh calls Jasmine to ask where she is. Jasmine is asked by a nurse if she’s been with the patient. She tells Jasmine to go inside. Jasmine disconnects from the call and then goes. Fateh wonders where Jasmine is.


Jasmine is told by the doctor to take care of Tejo. The latter breaks down and cries. Jasmine wants to know what happened. Tejo claims that Jasmine was correct, she isn’t pregnant. This test was incorrect. Tejo is told by the doctor that it can happen, but she can still try to have a child. Tejo weeps, saying she was happy to be the mother of Fateh and that their child would strengthen their bond. Tejo cries hard. Jasmine consoles her.

Fateh is concerned that Jasmine might have told Tejo the truth. Tejo appears just then. Fateh questions her about where she was. Tejo replies that she was with Jasmine, but she doesn’t respond to his calls because she doesn’t know how talk to him. Fateh wants to know what happened. Tejo said that she was looking for confirmation. Jasmine called her when she was at college. Fateh calls Jasmine and tells her it’s important.


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Jasmine invites Fateh for a meeting. Fateh questions her about what she told Tejo. She seems upset. Jasmine advises him to choose what is most important. He is either outside or she comes in. Fateh excuses himself to Tejo, and he leaves.

Jasmine, Fateh and Fateh get in the car. Fateh questions Jasmine about what she said to Tejo and what has happened. Jasmine remains silent. Tejo’s family calms Tejo, and they tell Tejo how they will celebrate Tejo becoming pregnant. Jasmine takes Fateh to the spot where Fateh’s car was damaged when they went out at night. Jasmine inquires about what happened that night. Fateh tells Jasmine that they stayed at a nearby farmhouse for the night. Jasmine insists on going there. Satti informs Tejo that Jasmine attends the college, then calls to inform Tejo that she is going with her friends. Tejo questions Jasmine about where she is. Satti replies that she must be with her friends.

Jasmine takes Fateh with her. Jasmine discovers the farmhouse and locks it. Jasmine wants to know how they got in there the other day. Dadi tells Jasmine that it’s good Jasmine goes out. Her marriage was annulled twice, so it’s time for her to get out. Fateh says that they got in by climbing up on the tree. Jasmine encourages Fateh not to do it again. Dadi claims that Jasmine had a boyfriend. Sometimes she seems happy. Satti is in agreement with Dadi, and admits that she is worried sometimes. Tejo wonders if Jasmine has a new boyfriend. Fateh and Jasmine are also allowed into the farmhouse.

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