Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Armaan arrives at Khurana mansion shouting Sania’s name. Rudraksh and Sharda ask him what happened. He ignores them, and asks Sania what happened to Anvi. He asks her why she is asking about Anvi. He hands her the letter. She opens it and tells him she didn’t make this. Rudraksh also reads it and informs Armaan that Sania doesn’t have any relationship to Anvi. This is why she will do this. Preesha arrives and informs Armaan that Sania was Anvi’s mother, and Armaan is his ex-wife. Armaan is assured that Anvi is safe. She informs Armaan that she wrote this letter to expose the truth.

He tells her that she didn’t think he would hide such a huge truth from him. Rudraksh is shocked by her shocking expression. He says that it’s nothing because he didn’t reveal his past to Sania. He tells her that he loves Sania now and Sania still loves him, so he doesn’t care about the past. Preesha questions him about why he still takes Sania’s side. He tells her to resolve her problems with Armaan at the latter’s home instead of creating drama. Then he takes Sania there. He promises her that he will confess his love for her.

Rudraksh questions Sania about how she can use him to exact revenge on Armaan. She admits she wants to get revenge on Armaan, but the problem is that Armaan took Preesha’s place. He tells her it was she who left Armaan, Anvi and how could she have said all that. He tells her that she is like this and can leave anyone, but she cannot give up her place for someone else.

Preesha questions Armaan about why he didn’t tell her about Sania. He tells her he didn’t want to hurt her as Rudraksh did and asks her to forget all because Sania is now his only friend. Rudraksh is told by Sania that she will destroy Armaan, and that if she succeeds in her plan, the latter will be able to get Saaransh.

The next day, Preesha hires Goons who will misbehave in front of Rudraksh. Rudraksh arrives and the Goons start their act. He stops her from beating the Goons, and she runs away. He asks her if she is fine. He is injured in his hand and she gives him a kiss. He tells her that he saved her because he loved her. He says he doesn’t love her, and would do this for any girl.


Goons arrives and asks Preesha for more money. The latter agrees. Sania hears everything and plans to end the conversation. Preesha later goes to get Anvi from the tuition centre. Sania follows Preesha and hits Preesha’s car.

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