Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Sania causes Preesha’s accident in her car. Nanny is horrified to see Preesha unconscious. She screams for help. Armaan calls her and tells him about the car accident. He then asks her how Preesha and the former are doing. He asks her if she is okay, but Preesha has lost consciousness. He advises her to try to wake Preesha up and that he will get there. Nanny, along with other help, takes Preesha into the city hospital and admits her there. Armaan is also informed.

Armaan eventually makes it to the hospital, where he asks about Preesha’s condition. Doctor tells him that Preesha has not sustained any serious injuries and she should be fine. They can then take her home when she is able to regain consciousness. Armaan questions Nanny about the accident. Nanny tells Armaan that one car struck their car deliberately because there wasn’t any traffic. He praises her courage and tells her that she should go to Anvi to talk to Preesha.

Rudraksh, on the other hand, enters his bedroom and grabs one saree out of the cupboard. He recalls how he gave that saree as a gift to Preesha in order to complete his album. He teases her by saying that he’s not romantic after completing the romantic album. She also said that she didn’t like the saree and decided to not wear it ever. He compliments her and asks her to wear it. Sharda arrives and tells Preesha she is unhappy with Preesha’s choice of saree. Preesha informs Sharda that Rudraksh gifted her this saree. He confesses to himself that he misses her and plans to make their wedding anniversary even more special.

Sania arrives at the scene and informs him that Ahana wants to meet them, and has sent their location. They reach one spot and find a pendrive. Rudraksh watches the video. Rudraksh is asked by Ahana to finish the task of reaching Saaransh. She orders him to execute Gopal’s assassination. He flees there without saying anything.

Gopal meets Preesha, and asks her to take good care of herself. He questions her about Sania’s past and asks her how she came to learn of it. He asks her about Sania’s history and she tells him that Sania was blackmailing Rudraksh. He is worried about her safety. Armaan tells him not to worry, he will take good care of Preesha. Gopal assures Armaan that he believes him.


Rudraksh informs Sania that Ahana is also with him. He tells her that he is wrong. He questions her about how he can do such a thing with Gopal, and Preesha won’t forgive him. Preesha is greeted by Gopal, who hugs him. Preesha informs Gopal Rudraksh is not good and that they need to do something.

Rudraksh informs Sania that Gopal can’t do it. Sania reminds Rudraksh that Saaransh is under Ahana’s care. He agrees to finish Ahana’s task. Gopal calls him and asks him to meet him at the bar. Rudraksh later learns from Gopal that Sania married him. Preesha believes that Sania is blackmailing him. Rudraksh tells him that Sania is blackmailing.

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