Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Vasudha ends all ties to Rudraksh, his family and friends. He curses her and she tells him that Sania is his only right. Preesha asks Preesha not to meet Rudraksh again, and he says he is dead for them. She then takes Preesha from there. Rudraksh murmurs to Sania that he will give him another clue about Saaransh. Sharda informs him that she wants to speak to him alone. Sania then leaves.

Preesha, Vasudha and Vasudha go to Thakur mansion. Preesha goes into her bedroom crying. Vasudha asks Armaan what happened to Preesha. He asks her to explain everything, but she needs to speak to Preesha first. She then moves on. Digvijay is told by him that Rudraksh is guilty of something and that Preesha is upset.

Sharda questions Rudraksh about why he does all of this. He doesn’t hate Preesha, so she asks why he is acting. He refuses to tell the truth and she asks him why Sania is forcing him to do this. Preesha recalls everything that happened in the past and cries. Vasudha informs Preesha that the latter must now make a decision. She begs her not to meet Rudraksh again. She reminds her of the hurt Rudraksh has done her. She informs her that Armaan is her best friend and that her fate has given her another chance. Only Armaan, not Rudraksh, deserves her love. She asks her to choose Armaan. Preesha informs her that she knows what she should do.

Rudraksh is told by Sharda that Sharda knows Preesha can’t hurt Preesha or her parents. So what’s the truth? He tells her that she will be killed if he doesn’t tell him the truth. He admits to Sania’s blackmailing. Preesha informs Armaan that Sania can no longer act as his wife and asks him to marry them. He questions her if she is sure. He asks her if she wants to forget Rudraksh, and if she wants to be Anvi’s mom. He accepts her marriage and embraces her. Digvijay smiles.

Sharda is happy to learn that Saaransh has returned home. Rudraksh informs Sharda that Ahana has Saaransh, and Sania is in Ahana. He tells her that he must act until he discovers Saaransh. He tells her that she will not tell anyone anything for Saaransh. Preesha is blessed by Digvijay, who assures her that Armaan will not hurt her. Preesha believes that Rudraksh is doing all things for a reason, but that he overstepped his boundaries by harming her parents. Digvijay is informed by Preesha that Rudraksh was her past, and Armaan her present.


Rudraksh informs Sania that even if Saaransh doesn’t give him the information, he won’t let her go. He is given pendrive. He plays it, and Saaransh requests to save him. His face is covered and his chair is tied to him. Sania is told by him that he will end all ties with her if he doesn’t find Saaransh from Ahana. Gopal’s society people slap him out of his house, claiming that he doesn’t deserve to be a member of their society. Armaan and Preesha defends Gopal. They take Gopal and Vasudha from Thakur mansion. Ahana informs Sania she doesn’t mind if Rudraksh leaves.

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