Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The Episode starts with Kairav saying I m much tired, I m going to my room. He goes with Vansh. Akhilesh says he wants us to plan his birthday party surprise. Sirat says don’t worry, just come in the party at 12. Dadi says yes. Sirat thinks to talk to Suwarna. Kartik talks to Suwarna and Manish. He says Sirat isn’t focussing on her practice, we can avoid few things, keep her away from party preparations. Sirat hears this. Manish says Naira used to handle everything, its kiddishness to expect this from Sirat. Kartik says it may not be perfect if she tries for the first time, but she should focus on boxing. Suwarna says fine. Sirat says Kartik doesn’t think I can handle career and house like Naira used to go. Kartik sees her at the door. Sirat says its a special day tomorrow, its like a festive for me, give me a holiday. He says fine, smile, I have no problem with your work, you should not lose the boxing championship, try to become like Mary Kom, who balanced her life, career and kids. She nods. He says Kairav is yours more than me, you can plan his birthday. She says thanks, and for you. He says I m your slave.

She says no, you are my commander. He says fine, you shouldn’t miss the match. She says promise. They hug. She asks what is my birthday gift. She thinks I didn’t think of it. He asks did you plan any birthday gift. She says its special, but I don’t know what to get for Kairav. He says I will see that. They hug. Lights glow. He says our fate light is glowing, everything will be fine. Kairav says I don’t want anyone to have an issue in planning party. Vansh says Naira used to make cup cakes. Kairav says yes, she used to call ashram kids and plan games, it used to be the best birthday. Sirat hears this and says it will be the best, good I got to know this. Kairav says Sirat will plan something. Sirat says cupcakes are getting baked, how will I do everything, I made it for the first time, I have to decorate it also.

Gayu shows the pics of Kairav’s birthday. She asks her to see pics for reference, Naira used to do simple things and make it grand, she knew how to convince Kartik, she used to do something cute. Sirat says I understood, thanks for helping, I will try to make the birthday successful. Gayu asks how can I help. Sirat says send me the pics, I will do everything same, just come at 12. Gayu says all the best. Sirat says I m waiting for 12. she checks decorations. She gets some smell. She goes to see the burnt cupcakes. Kartik comes. He sees the burnt cake and cupcakes. Sirat cries. He says its fine, we will make more. She says we don’t have blueberries left. He says any other flavour. He says Kairav likes only this flavour. He says cake gets burnt by everyone, don’t get senti, tell me, if there is anything else. Sirat says it was your birthday cake. He says its fine, I have quick fix recipes, I will make it, tell me which flavour you want. She says I can’t do anything well. He says don’t say this, you do boxing well, you arrange bouquet well, you love well. He says we will make chocolate cake or fresh fruit. She says both. They make the cake together. He kisses her. She smiles and punches him. He asks for a kiss. Bandhan aise banjaate hai….plays…. She kisses him. She feels neck pain and takes a pill. She decorates a cake. She thanks Kartik. He says you made this, I just gave you moral support, smile, say Kartik. She says Kartik and smiles. She says go now, I have to make many arrangements. He takes a cupcake. Light goes. He fixes a candle on the cupcake. He says you said you never had any birthday spent well, last time it spoiled because of me, can I rectify my mistake today, we shouldn’t take time in getting happiness, this is a small celebration for you, make some wish. She wishes that she gives happiness to Kartik and kids like Naira. She blows off the candle. Chahe deewana mann….plays… He says happy birthday. They eat the cupcake. He looks around and pulls her close. He says I didn’t get a birthday gift. Lights come. She gets away. She says Kartik, go now, I have much work, come at 12, tell everyone. He goes.

Everyone comes at 12. They see the cake and arrangements. They see Sirat sleeping. Manish asks is she your fav, you said she is excited for Kartik and Kairav’s birthday, look at her. Suwarna looks on. Dadi says its wrong, she called us and slept. Kartik says she fell asleep, she was so excited and crashed. Kairav says we will let her rest, we will cut the cake tomorrow. Suwarna says I will put the cake in fridge. Sirat wakes up by some sound. She sees everyone.

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