Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Today’s episode begins with Swarna asking Sirat about her day. Sirat says she was feeding Akshu. Swarna claims Akshu could spill the food on her dress and cause strain. She tells Sirat about the strain and worries that her pictures will be destroyed. Kairav comes and falls in love with Sirat. Sirat questions Kairav about his lies. Kairav claims he is serious. Swarna informs Kairav about this strain. Kairav gets an idea to conceal the strain.

Suhasini is happy to see Kartik. Sirat is waiting for the Goenkas. Sirat come and Kartik gets smitten seeing Sirat. He inquires about the dress’ badge. Swarna tells Goenkas all about the strain. Kairav made the ‘Goenkas Rock badge to conceal the strain. Kartik states that he feels each member of Goenkas deserves the badge. He asks Sirat, Kairav and Vansh for their help in making the badge. Kartik compliment Sirat.

Suhasini wait for Pandit. Sheela arrives at the spot and wants to attend Sirat’s wedding. Manish is threatened by her that she will give her money or Riya will expose how they tried to discredit Kartik and Sirat. Surekha and Manish ask Sheela whether she has lost the money. Sheela asks Mainsh for the money so that he can be exposed. Manish requests Sheela expose him when he is ready.

Manish visits Goenkas to tell them about Sheela’s threats. Sirat’s upbringing is also questioned by Manish. Mainsh claims Sheela is trying to expose him for his attempt to end Kartik’s alliance with Sirat. He says he’s even against the wedding, but Kartik is making him bend in front of Sirat. Sirat hears Manish’s talk and is moved to tears by it.

Kartik comes and asks Sirat what happened. Sirat stands mum. Surekha says Sirat will instigate Manish against Sirat. She says that Sirat might cause Kartik to leave them. Suhasini and Swarna side Sirat. Kartik joins Sirat. Sheela believes Goenkas can perform drama, but she won’t leave the place without some money.


Kartik confronts Sheela to demand the money. He is ready to give the money to Sheela. Sirat prevents Kartik from giving him the money. Kartik claims he is willing to give money, but Sheela should not go near Sirat. Sheela gets ready. Sirat is furious at Sheela. Pandit arrives and Goenkas get ready for Sirat’s and Kartik’s wedding.

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