Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Today’s episode begins with Swarna and Suhasini expressing their gratitude to Sirat for keeping Manish’s truth secret from Kartik. Suhasini claims another girl would have helped the situation, but she proved that she will be the perfect daughter-in-law of the house. Sirat believes Sheela was wrong, so she supports Manish. Swarna and Suhasini bless Sirat, and take her to the wedding venue. Akshu cries. Kairav claims Akshu wants Goenkas dancing. Sirat, Kartik, and Goenkas all dance to the ‘kabmene ye socha-tha’ song. Akshilesh tells Mainsh that his hatred for Sirat doesn’t allow him to love Kartik. He insists that Mainsh dance as well. Mainsh is invited to the ceremony. Sheela would like to join the dance and believes no one is calling. Kairav meets Sheela. He drags her down to the dance floor. Sirat stands mum. Kairav tells Sirat to not worry, because Sheela is her mother at the end. He asks Sheela to call her grandmother. Sheela is happy to join in the dance. Goenkas take a family photo.

Sirat and Kartik head to the wedding. Akhilesh & Mainsh place Kartik on their shoulders and ask Sirat to give vermillion. Sirat puts vermillion on Kartik. Kartik compliments Sirat and suggests that her name be ‘Neeraj Chpra’ to keep her on track. Gayu claims that Kartik will put vermillion on Sirat. Sirat requests Keerti bring ladder. Sirat is difficult for Kartik to give vermillion. Kairav asks Kartik whether he will allow the groom to lose. Kartik says no. He leaps to add vermillion to Sirat. Sirat falls under Kartik’s arms. Sheela compliment Sirat. Sirat will always have Kartik by her side.

Kartik and Sirat also take the wedding round, and swear to each other in all things. Kairav thanked God. He sees Naira. Kairav is Naira’s soul. Kairav feels blessed to have Sirat in both his and Akshu’s lives. Sirat and Kartik seek blessings from their elders. Mainsh believes Sirat is Kartik’s wife, but she cannot become his daughter-in-law. Goenkas gift Sirat and Kartik.


Kairav later sent a gift card to Sirat, addressing her as “Mumma”. Sirat is touched by Kairav’s thoughtful gift. Kairav is hugged by her. Surekha mocks Sirat for performing a ritual. Keerti claims that Naksh sent plates to Sirat for the ritual. Sheela, Sirat mother, insists on performing the ritual. Suhasini allows.

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