Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Today’s episode begins with Sirat meeting Akshu and Kairav, who are asleep. Kairav was disappointed that she had left her. She promises Kairav to be there for him whenever he needs her. Kairav will use sleep talk to pray that Sirat would not be taken. He wishes for Kartik’s and Sirat’s wedding. Suhasini and Swarna, as well as Gayu, overhear Kairav’s story and are tearful. Sirat leaves Kairav. She also apologizes to Manish and meets Goenkas. Swarna gives Sirat a family photo and blesses her for the future. Kartik takes Sirat to his car. Sirat cries.

Kairav begs Sirat. Kairav is consoled by Kartik. Kairav confronts Kartik about why he didn’t wake him up as Sirat was leaving. Kairav coughs, and Kartik is concerned for his health. Kartik asks Swarna for help with Kairav. He will provide water. Sirats’ dream was that Kartik would fall down. Sirat worries for Kairav and Kartik. She is restless. Sirat will decide if Kairav and Kartik are fine.

Kairav meets Kartik. Kartik asks Kairav if he is missing Sirat and if so, what should he call her? Kairav says Sirat once promised that she would come whenever he calls her. Kartik claims Sirat promised to be there whenever he was in trouble. He said that they cannot emotionally make her come back. Kartik believes Sirat would have reached Jaisalmer by now and the crowd may be welcoming her in grand style. Kairav can see Sirat approaching. Goenkas questions Sirat about her return. Sirat shares her dreams and worries for Kairav and Kartik with Goenkas. Goenkas decode Sirat, too, but she is waiting for Kartik’s stop.

Goenkas requests Kartik to stop Sirat and go. Later Kartik disguises his identity as a driver. Sirat thinks Kartik didn’t stop her. Kartik is furious at her for not stopping her. Disguised Kartik asks Sirat whether she loves Kartik. Sirat sit clueless. Kartik asks her if she’s lying to pretend she doesn’t love kartik. Sirat requests driver to focus on the road. Sirat is disguised as Kartik and they have a little sex. Sirat walks out and asks the driver to stop.

Sirat sees Kartik naked. He confronts her about his abandonment. Sirat claims that society and their taunts prevent her from confessing her love for him. Kartik then accepts her feelings. Sirat cries.

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