Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Today’s episode begins with Kartik apologizing for not stopping Sirat. Sirat asks him if he will stop. Sirat kneels on her knees and proposes to Kartik. She asks Kartik if it is okay for them to share their lives. Kartik blushes, and says that he will marry her if he feels she loves him. Sirat tells Kartik, “I Love You”. Kartik make Sirat wear ring. Sirat is tearful and hugging Kartik. Kartik hugs Sirat back.

Suhasini, Swarna and Swarna have a conversation and discuss whether Kartik will bring back Sirat. Swarna claims Kartik and Sirat cannot be separated and that Kartik will bring back Sirat. Kairav and Goenkas are waiting for Sirat. Kartik brings back Sirat to inform Goenkas that he is available for marriage. Kairav and the others are excited. Suhasini asks Kartik, Sirat and others to bless them. Sirat said before that she wanted to apologize and thanked them for accepting. Keerti tells Kartik that she is proud of them moving forward in their lives. Suhasini asks Swarna for help in preparing for Kartik’s and Sirat’s wedding.

Sirat and Kartik seek the blessing of Manish. Manish bless Sirat on Swarna’s signal. Suhasini discovers that weddings are not possible if they don’t take place soon. Goenkas make arrangements to marry Sirat and Kartik soon. Surekha questions if they will also make arrangements for Sirat. Manish says that the Sirat side will send someone. Surekha speaks about Mukesh, Sheela. Sirat leaves the place. Surekha says that once the wedding is over, Kartik will go to Sirat.

Kartik cheer upset Sirat. Sirat smile. Kartik talks with Sirat, and says that he will teach Sirat how to behave around her in-laws, and especially her husband. Sirat asks Kartik to look after her husband, and he says sorry for any fights. Sirat and Kartik share an eye-lock. Swarna comes and tells Kartik and Sirat they can’t be together until the wedding.

Later, Goenkas prepare for Kartik’s and Sirat’s wedding ceremony. Kartik asks Manish for his help in tying the turban. Manish tells Kartik to accept Sirat because she is the only one who can be the perfect mother for his children. Kartik is assured by Manish.

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