Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Sirat is asked by ladies to dress up as a newlywed because she was married only a few days ago. Swarna responds to Sirat by saying that she was going out. Suhasini questions Sirat about whether she is going out. Sirat lies and says no. Sirat is asked by Suhasini to make tea and snacks for the ladies. Suhasini hears from a lady that Sirat looks like Naira, but she doesn’t know if Sirat is perfect like her.

Swarna is annoyed with the women. Gayu questions Sirat about why she hadn’t told Suhasini she was going out. Sirat asks Gayu, Swarna and Suhasini if they would be willing to help her prepare snacks like Naira. Swarna tells Sirat to relax, she will make more than Naira. Gayu tells Sirat that it will take her ages to be like a Naira. Kartik organizes a photoshoot to Sirat.

Sirat and Gayu help Suhasini and their friends with tea and snacks. Kartik is waiting for Sirat. Sirat, according to some people, is not a boxer. She is Goenka’s daughter-in-law and may be stuck doing household chores. Sirat fans out there say her mother also believes the same. No matter how skilled a boxer you are, you still have to take care of the kitchen.


Suhasini with her friends is impressed by Sirat hospitality. Kartik come back. Sirat gets mad at Kartik. Sirat offers to give snacks to Kartik. Kartik refuses the snacks. Sirat searches for a way of cooling Kartik down. Kartik is apologetic when she gives her a guitar. Sirat tells Kartik she can’t hurt Suhasini so she stayed back.

Sirat is told by Kartik that Suhasini would have been able to tell Kartik about the photoshoot. Sirat is also told by Kartik that Goenkas won’t allow her to sacrifice her career in the name of household work. Sirat is asked by Kartik to keep her focus on both work and career. Sirat questions Naira about how she managed everything perfectly. Kartik questions Sirat why she asks the same question. Sirat tries to avoid the conversation.

Sirat makes snacks for Kartik. Later Kairav and Vansh studied. Both attempt to get Sirat’s help with their studies. Kairav is unable to get rid of his doubts about Sirat. Kairav is able to understand Vansh’s words and tells him that they will seek the help of their teacher. Vansh said Naira was intelligent. Manish claims that he used tutors to teach children. Suhasini later asks Sirat if Gayu is interested in a second marriage.


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