Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 13th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode starts with Amrita noticing Pritam entering sneaking. Soni too notices it. The vegetables bag in his hand falls down. He starts picking it up when they hide. His mobile starts ringing and his poster falls down by mistake. He picks it but while climbing steps he drops it by mistake. Amrita notices it and asks Soni to pick it. She says if it’s the pg’s then they can return it. Soni is about to pick it when they hear their parents fighting. Guneet fights with Nimmo for not letting him go to house. Nimmo says it is either white or black and there’s no in between. He says he’s his childhood friend and how can he not visit him. Amrita and Soni comes there and Amrita says that she met with Meera and she said he was fine. Guneet says that it’s not the issue but why didn’t she visit him to ask about his health. Nimmo says she did visit him but he turned his face away. She cries that he looked away because of which she didn’t proceed. Soni consoles her. Angad comes there saying that why they are speaking about Krishna Kant when he is there with a good news. He says that he got a job and everyone gets elated. He takes blessings from Nimmo and asks them to not talk about Krishna Kant and his family anymore.

Krishna Kant apologizes to Aapa for messing with Hamid’s death anniversary. He wants to go to offer prayers but Aapa stops him. She says that it’s not necessary to go and pray as they can do it from heart too. Krishna Kant complaints about Naveen when Aapa says he was right as he’s not bound to follow the rules. Krishna Kant doesn’t agree with her. She asks him to rest. Meera hears it all. She shares with Aapa about how Sakhujas didn’t even came to ask about health. She says only Amrita is still the same and rest all changed. She says despite them being at fault they behave badly. Aapa says we may never know what’s right and wrong as sometimes what we see is not true. Meera gets confused while Aapa leaves asking her to let it go.

Pritam is speaking with his friend about the corpse. He asks him to arrange money as he got a new deal and this time he deals with it single headedly. Pritam selects vegetable for cooking and plays funny song and cooks hearing song. Amrita and Soni gets surprised seeing his song selection. Kamli brings the vegetable that has fallen from his hand. They look at the fresh vegetable and starts dancing for the song. The poster starts flying in air. Pritam notices the missing poster and panics. He switches off the song and starts searching for it. Amrita gets hold of the poster and is about to see it but Pritam stops her on time. He snatches it from her and they gets angry with his behaviour. Amrita stops him and gives back his vegetable. He starts leaving when Soni and Kamli teased him with the song he played. He gives a look and leaves. He starts burning the poster. On the other hand, The police who enquired Pritam gets hold of his poster and asks the constable to find him saying his name as Pritam Choudhary.

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