Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode starts with Guneet checking the budget for baby shower. Nimmo and Dadaji wants to do it well as it’s the first baby of the family. Guneet says the expense is too high and Amrita too agrees with him. However everyone shuts Guneet and Amrita to keep quite and makes the list of people to be invited. Amrita asks everyone to listen

She says in order to celebrate a function is not necessary. She asks them to just enjoy the happiness. Nimmo asks her to not stop them as she couldn’t even do Angad’s marriage. She says they will celebrate in such a way that what they lost will not bother them anymore.

Pritam calls Mansoor and invites him to his place. He complaints about Sakhujas being over dramatic. He cuts the call and is about to eat when light goes off. He checks the bulb to find its fuse gone. He complaints about it and is about to have using phone light but couldn’t. He silently sneaks down and Amrita notices him hiding. He steals the bulb and is about to leave but Amrita appears in front of him. Pritam explains that his fuse went off when he was having food so he took the bulb. Amrita leaves without saying anything.

Next morning, Guneet and Nimmo is fighting for someone stealing their bulb. Amrita wakes up and finds them fighting. Whole neighbourhood assembled in front of their house. They accuse their neighbours for stealing the bulb. Amrita says that she knows who stole the bulb and says that it’s pg. Neighbours taunt them and Sakhujas scolds Pritam for stealing the bulb. Pritam tries explaining but they lashes out at him. Pritam agrees to buy a new bulb for them. Angad leaves controlling them. Pritam taunts Amrita for insulting him and Amrita gets frustrated.

Angad scolds Nimmo and Guneet for over reacting for a small bulb. Guneet apologizes and says that he was worried about Godhbarai expenses and on top of that Nimmo wants to invite whole colony. Nimmo says she has a solution and brings the bangles Karan gifted to Amrita. Everyone are against it but Nimmo wants to sell it for the ritual. Kabir says he will get money from office but they taunt him saying that he just joined office. Kabir promises to come with money. Pritam calls them and gives the bulb to Angad. Angad apologizes saying that Guneet was in bad mood. He sees Amrita and angrily scolds the whole family to. Himself. Amrita looks at him fuming.

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