Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 1st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode begins with Nimmo criticizing Ironer for his work. Guneet asked him to let go, and he did. Nimmo questions Guneet about why he let him go, as she hadn’t checked her clothes yet. Amrita tells her to not worry, she will check it and then leaves. Guneet is there with Nimmo as Pritam passes. Nimmo calls Pritam to thank him for saving Amrita’s life and giving them the chance to live the lives they had been waiting for. Pritam nods, and is about to go when Nimmo asks him for his number so that he can give it to the Police. Guneet agrees, as it will allow them to contact him when necessary. Pritam takes a moment to think about it and then gives his number. Nimmo takes a note in Ironer. Pritam then leaves. Kamli complains to Amrita about Ironer ruining clothes, and Amrita asks her for the number. Kamli hands the note with the number to Amrita, but the page ends up with Pritam’s by accident.

Pritam and his friend talk about a girl, when Amrita calls Pritam. He cut the call believing it was a bank call. Amrita interrupts him and tells him that he is an Ironer. It is funny that his friend laughed at it because he had placed it on speaker and Pritam cut the call. Amrita complains to Kamli about the ironer’s rude behavior with her. Kamli claims that he is the same with Amrita and behaves in the same way as the new tenant. Amrita asks Amrita not to drag the tenant. She calls the number again and curses at him, cutting the call. While Pritam is furious, his friend laughs at him. Nimmo arrives and asks Amrita about tenant number. Amrita is shocked to hear it and hides the fact that she called him. Pritam calls Amrita, and scolds him for yelling at her despite the fact that he dialled the wrong number. Kamli calls Amrita Bhabhi and he asks her who she is. Pritam remembers the sound of her voice as being Maid’s and realizes it is Amrita. He tells her to stop bothering him after getting number and warns her to inform the law once he’s back.

Boss takes Kabir very well. Meera is disgusted by Boss’s treatment of Kabir. She snorts that they don’t talk about work or have any complaints about him. Angad calls Kabir to inquire about the matter, looking at Meera. He states that he is aware of the fact that he won’t speak if it’s not important. Angad informs him of the danger to Amrita, but he says that Pritam saved her. When Meera’s voice is heard, Kabir questions Angad about everything. Kabir takes care of the situation and he asks him about it. He asks him to speak with his boss. Angad talks with him and cuts off the call. Meera accuses Kabir and his brother of being cheaters. Boss makes a remark about Kabir’s behavior, saying that he is hurting badly. Boss gives him two days leave, and Kabir goes while Meera fumes.

Kabir arrives and Amrita waits scared for the tenant. Everybody asks if he has lost his job after he leaves the office so quickly. Kabir claims he fell from a chair, and Boss allowed him to go. Kabir is teased by everyone and Amrita asks him to bring his turmeric milk to the room. Pritam arrives next and Kamli opens his door. Amrita is relieved to see him go upstairs, but he quickly turns around and returns to Amrita’s home. Kamli asks him what he wants. He says he wants Guneet to talk with him. Kamli decides to take Dadaji with her as Guneet has not returned home. Amrita calls him up and tells him that she called him accidentally. He asks Amrita not to get involved in the matter. Pritam doesn’t respond and Amrita becomes angry and runs away. Dadaji is happy that Pritam has given him NOC. Amrita exhales in relief, while Pritam giggles at the view from the top.

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