Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 20th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode starts with Amrita taking stand for her parents. Sakhujas scold him for behaving rude with Amrita’s parents. Pritam says he saw car near gate which is why he asked them to move the car. Her parents asks who’s he to say that when Angad says that he’s the pg. Their anger flew within seconds and behaved nice with him as he wasn’t wrong. Soni asks him to apologize and he did. They all patch up. Amrita takes them in when Pritam got call in his phone. When he was busy with his phone, the servants took away Pritam’s bomb bag along with Amrita’s parents. Pritam leaves taking Amrita’s parents bag which looks similar.

Pritam meets his friend and asks him to keep the bag safe as there’s bomb in the bag. Amrita’s parents meets Beeji. Her father says that he was pranking Guneet about coming late. Amrita and her mother gets emotional. Her father asks about Pritam and calls him watchman. Amrita is angry at him but her parents support him. They asks about Dadaji and they say he went to meet Mansour. Angad is about to take their bags inside but her father asks him to keep the bomb bag in Amrita’s room as the bag contains baby shower stuffs. Amrita asks him to let it be as she’ll take it herself. She takes it to her room.

At office, Meera is fuming that Shetty approved Kabir’s ad idea. She shares her irritation with peon who also agrees with her. He’s equally irritated with Boss’s over love for Kabir. He says if possible he would add dysentery tablets in the coffee. Meera asks him to go forward as if his job goes she’ll employ him in her father’s company. He agrees and goes forward. Kabir and Shetty comes there and Shetty says client liked Kabir’s idea a lot. He says he even sent their picture and they wants them to be models. They gets shocked hearing it. Peon brings coffee for him and Shetty takes it. Meera tries stopping him saying that it’s Kabir’s mug but Shetty wants to drink. He drinks the coffee. Shetty was about to say something but he rushed to washroom. Kabir gets Angad’s call who say about Amrita’s parents visiting them. Kabir gets elated so does Meera. Shetty couldn’t say whatever he was trying to say as he rushes to bathroom every minute. Kabir notices Peon and Meera interaction and gets doubtful but they deny doing anything.

Pritam’s fried is about to open the bag when Pritam pushes him. He says that they doesn’t know the calibre and asks them to not open it as it may get blasted. He thinks that it’s the right way to win Raaka’s trust. On the other hand, Amrita’s mother helps Amrita in keeping the bomb bag in her cupboard. Amrita gets emotional recalling Karan.

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