Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode begins with sakhujas offering their help to Pritam to fix his bag. He refuses to accept their help. The Sakhujas buy another bag and insist that he put all his belongings in it. Dada ji promises that he will place the items in the new bag. The Sakhujas are shocked when Pritam reacts violently. He claims that they don’t get why he refuses to accept them. He states that he cannot leave this house in peace. Amrita asks Pritam not to speak in his native language.

Pritam claims that this is his language. They stand behind him in all things. Kabir claims that they are trying to help him. Pritam claims that he doesn’t need their assistance. He had taken the room to rent, and not for any other people. He is a tenant, not their family. Pritam goes. Nimmo scolds Dadaji, who tried to help Pritam, and warns her boys to stop trying to make Pritam part of their family. Dadiji scolds Pritam. Guneet claims that Pritam has crossed all boundaries today. He tells them all to go to sleep, and then he leaves.

Amrita is furious and claims she wants to slap Pritam. She imagines Karan. Karan attempts to cheer Amrita’s mood by saying that she looks cute when she is angry. Amrita smiles, and he knows how to calm her down. Karan assures her that he’s still doing it. Karan is asked to always be with her. Kabir calls Amrita. Karan disappears. Amrita examines her photo of Karan Kabir, Soni and Soni. Kabir questions Amrita if she was thinking of Karan. Amrita snarlingly replies that she was thinking of that poor tenant. Soni claims that he surpassed all limits.

Kabir calms Soni and says that they are also at fault. They should have been more friendly with him. Some people don’t like to get to know people and be friendly. Kabir says that he was taking his bag to go for urgent work. Kabir asks Amrita for clarification and says that Karan was not a person who likes to talk to people.

Pritam finally reaches the spot. He tells his friends that he won’t talk with them. After they have given the drugs, they will go. After Sakhujas’ behavior, his friend claims that the plan will fail. They will ask him for his resignation. Pritam claims he will manage them. However, it is not safe to remain there as Amrita doubts his ability. She will find the truth. According to his friend, Pritam acts in this manner and women will doubt him.


Krishna Kant recalls Meera’s words, and is drinking. Krishna is approached by Aapa. She tells Krishna that she is more upset to see his new behavior. Krishna Kant informs her that Meera didn’t agree to be forced, but she did. Aapa claims that she was willing to hurt again in order to forget the past. He hands her an invoice. She says it was from his bag that Meera had picked up. But thankfully, he didn’t have to read it. Meera accepted to be her new partner and he no longer needs to hide the truth. Krishna kant thanked Aapa for keeping the truth from Meera. Aapa claims that she did not forget his favors and that it stops her sister from going against her brother.

Pritam hands the bag to someone. Pritam is shown a photo of a girl by the man. He tells Pritam to go find her, as they can make big consignments. When police arrive, they all flee. Nimmo and Pritam discuss Pritam’s rude behaviour. Guneet tells her not to think about it. He finally got a job, and decided to support Karan’s family. Nimmo tells Karan not to be compared with anyone.


Guneet claims that Kabir is their son, and they should be happy for them. Nimmo claims that she is happy but Karan’s loss overwhelms her. Nimmo weeps, saying that no one can replace Karen. Kabir arrives and tells him that he cannot become Karan, and that no one can take his place. Nimmo tells him that she is happy for him. Kabir jokes. They are joking.

Kabir visits Amrita and is concerned about Pritam’s bag. Kabir claims that he felt like slapping Pritam because of his actions. Amrita recalls Pritam kicking someone and tells Kabir not to go near Pritam. Kabir inquires if there is any problem. Amrita says nothing, and states that they will not get into Amrita’s matter. Kabir is told by her to keep his job in mind. He remembers her promise. Kabir promises that he will make it happen for her. Kabir claims that Pritam is blessed with some unique and valuable leaves.


Pritam’s friends are waiting for Pritam. Pritam grabs them by the throat and asks them how they got there. They deny knowing. He claims that the client lied to them and left with the money and drug. According to his friends, he was caught by the police. Pritam believes that there will be a lot of drama when he is caught.

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