Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 2nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Pritam receives a call from a friend. He tells Pritam that someone is looking for him. Pritam is furious at this. His friend assures him that he will take care. Pritam requests him not to get involved and ensure that the person doesn’t find his address. His friend agrees to cut the call. Pritam begins to drink and then fumes in anger. Krishna Kant is talking to someone about Meera’s alliance. Meera dances with everyone and hugs Krishna. Meera claims she isn’t ready to marry yet. She claims she said it because she was upset. Meera states that she would like to do something at work so she can fire Kabir. Aapa questions Meera if she has ever spoken to Kabir, but Meera says no and then diverts the conversation. Meera asks Krishna Kant for a gun and everyone is shocked. She asks them to leave as she will be causing him a lot of pain. Krishna Kant tells him that Meera still loves Sakujhas, Angad, and Meera and he must get her married soon to forget about them. Aapa taunts him.

Dadaji enjoys ice cream with his family, and everyone teases one another. Pritam continues to drink angrily. He sees everyone happy and comes out. Everyone gets sad when Kabir, through his mistakes, takes Karan’s title. Pritam finally sees them. Amrita is asked to sing a song by them. She starts singing. Pritam listens to the song and becomes lost. Everyone praises and showers her love. Pritam is almost ready to clap, but he manages to control his actions. Pritam stares at a drawing and weeps. He holds it close to his chest and cries.

Pritam awakes to find someone in his room. He is curious to find out who it is. Kabir is found when he takes off the blanket. He inquires about Kabir’s activities. He tells him he wants to get away from his mother’s awakening. Kabir calls Beeji. Amrita inquires about the situation. He claims that his devar is in his bedroom and asks them to take him out. Beeji says he used to sleep there once in a while. Amrita asks him to use manners. She apologizes and wakes Kabir up before Nimmo notices. Amrita looks unhappy at the conditions in her room and gets up. She awakens Kabir and takes him to her. Pritam sees that the drawing is missing and rushes to Kabir. Amrita stops him just as he is about to wake him.

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