Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Pritam and his friends buy ice cream. Pritam spots a girl, and his friend asks him for something. He asks his friend to pay the girl and then goes. He remembers that she is the same girl who can take the consignment. Pritam leaves with the girl. Kabir was about leaving for work the next day when Angad asked him to bring the appointment note. Kabir agreed to do so in order to flee from him. Dadaji requests Kamli to contact the tenant because he needs to speak to him about yesterday’s incident. Beeji requests him to get him out of his house. Guneet arrives with Pammi, Baljeet. Beeji warns them not to open their mouths. Amrita is happy to receive them, but Baljeet tells him that they are still angry.

Pammi questions about the tenant they have hired to replace the one they had previously brought over. Beeji said that he is a very rude person and has a lot of attitude. She also said that he was rude to Dadaji. Baljeet and Pammi are shocked to discover that they brought a terrorist back home. Angad urges them not to think too much, but Pammi tells them that they might never know because it happened in their own community. They ask him to call them but he says they don’t know his number. They conclude that he is a terrorist, but Dadaji denies it and claims that he has Mansour’s number. He attempts to call him, but the number is off. Amrita wonders if Pammi or Baljeet are correct, as he was already shot in front the bank. They check the room and ask them to open it.

Kabir and Meera join the conference call. Boss arrives at the conference call. Kabir asks Boss to move the bottle into its proper place. Boss describes the decline in business because of Covid. Kabir attempts to laugh in the middle, but Boss closes his eyes. Meera looks at him with a smile. Boss suggests that they advertise the health sector and Kabir agrees. He suggests Meera’s father, who owns a sanitiser business, to help him. Boss loves it, but Meera is furious at him. Boss insists he isn’t wrong, and Kabir asks him not to be so harsh. They will soon find a better company. Boss spots Police in his office and they start to argue. He ends the meeting and takes Kabir along.

Dadaji requests Nimmo stop Baljeet from entering his room without permission. Angad requests them not to do so. Dadaji promises he will throw him out when he is back, but no one listens. Baljeet’s family discovers a new lock, and they decide to open it. Nimmo agrees, but Amrita asks him not to break it in because that is not right. Nimmo can recall him moving with the bag, and wants to clarify his doubts. Pritam arrives just as they are about to open the lock. He inquires about what is happening. Boss at work is afraid to see Police, so Kabir visits Police to verify. Meera observes the strange behavior. Kabir tells Boss that they came to the wrong office and promises him that he will take good care of them. Pritam, on the other hand, scolds them and threatens to call police. Everyone is scared.

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